Your Kids Will Thank You: 5 Last Week of Summer Activities You’ve Got to Try!

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As summer winds down and the back-to-school rush picks up, parents might find themselves anxious for the return of the school year routine. The end of summer might be filled with back to school shopping and last minute errands. But parents should take the opportunity to savor the last bit of summer and check out these last week of summer activities!

Play in the water

Whether it’s a pool, a lake, the sprinkler on the lawn or simply a hose turned on high- enjoy your last few days of summer by getting wet with your little one. When you play with your little one, you show them a silly side of yourself that they may not be used to seeing. And, when you play in the water, you’re giving them summer memories they’ll look back on for years to come.

Create something

Whether it’s a fort in the park, a collage on construction paper, or a new meal, creating something with your kiddo will foster both their curiosity about the world and your relationship. Take the time that summer offers to create with your little one. 

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Rest together

The school year will likely bring new joys, new challenges and new opportunities for growth. Before the rush of newness starts, take the tail end of summer to rest with your child. Many parents try to get things done while their child naps. However, during the last days of summer, consider lying down next to them and savoring their smallness. If your little one doesn’t nap anymore, slow down together by reading quietly as the afternoon wanes, watching clouds as they move across the sky, or snuggling up for an extra long bedtime story.

Learn something new

While kids usually hit the books during the school year, the summer is a perfect time to learn. Ask your child what they’re interested in and commit to helping them learn more. Look into local museums, head to the library or do your own research at home. When you commit to following your child’s interests and helping them grow, you become their greatest supporter!

Go on a date

Nothing says “I love you” like one-on-one time. If you’re able, use the last days of summer to take your child out on the town for a special one-on-one date. Maybe it’s a meal at their favorite restaurant or an afternoon talking and getting ice cream. Let your child know how special they are before the school year begins. It will boost their confidence for all that will come next! 

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What are some of your favorite last week of summer activities?


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Your Kids Will Thank You: 5 Last Week of Summer Activities You’ve Got to Try!

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