On the Go! 5 Indoor Activities for Your Little Walker

In the early months of a baby’s life, many parents are surprised at how simple it can be to entertain them. A simple smile, some silly noises, and a toy that rattles are often all that it takes to keep them happy. When a baby becomes mobile, though – especially when they begin to walk – it can take a little bit more attention from their caretakers to keep them safe, entertained, and challenged. If you’re the caretaker of a brand new little walker, consider trying out a few of the activities below to help your baby continue to learn and grow!

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Couch Cushion Climb If you’re little one is a new walker, chances are they enjoy the challenge of navigating new environments. Consider removing a few couch cushions or pillows and scattering them across your tot’s play area. Your little walker will love climbing and moving over and around the low-lying obstacles.

Hide and Seek Many little ones love to seek. When your little one begins to walk, consider playing a game of hide and seek. Let your baby see you sneak under a blanket or behind the curtain and watch them laugh with delight as they run towards you to uncover you.

Toy Stations When your baby begins to walk they’re going to be interested in exploring everything they can get their hands on. Consider setting up a few distinct play areas in your child's play space with similar toys or objects groups together. For example, one corner can contain blocks, one can contain nature objects such as pine cones and (non-chocking sized) rocks and another can include soft play toys.

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Box Stacking There’s nothing more exciting to a little walker than stacking. While they may be used to stacking blocks and other small toys, up the game by collecting shoe boxes and letting your baby build structures as tall as they are!

Monkey in the Middle Monkey in the Middle is a game that sure to get your little walker moving and laughing. Find a partner and sit on opposite sides of the room. With your little one between you roll a ball back and forth as they try to catch it.

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On the Go! 5 Indoor Activities for Your Little Walker

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