The 5 Best Apps to Help You Meet Mom Friends!

Life as the mother of a little one can be incredibly rewarding and fun. But, at times, it can also feel a little lonely. Many moms go through periods where they just want a friend. Maybe many of the moms in your new moms' groups went back to work while you are a stay at home mom. Maybe your best friend just moved to a new neighborhood. Or, maybe your best friend stayed in the old neighborhood while you moved to a new one. Or, maybe you have a great group of mom friends but you feel like you just don't click with them they way you would like to and want to find your tribe. Whatever the reason, having more friends and a strong support network is always a good thing.

There are lots of ways to meet new mom friends, from approaching moms at the playground to suggesting a coffee run after music class. However, rather than relying on hit-or-miss methods of forming friendships, many moms are turning to dating-like apps to meet like-minded moms nearby.  Here are some of our favorites, five of the best apps for making a new mom friend.   

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Mom Life:  Mom Life was created to fill a gap two high school friends wanted to fill when it came to moms sharing information and making connections. The Mom Life app allows you to meet other moms for community, support, and just for fun. Mom Life encourages moms to get offline to form real friendships. But the app can also be used to search by topic and form public and private group chats.  

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Peanut: Peanut is a Tinder-like app for moms who want to meet one another. Swipe up if a mom looks like a potential friend. Swipe down if she's not the type of mom friend you are looking for. It's a great way to meet moms with similar interests and schedules. Are you are a working mom looking to brunch with babies on the weekends? Or are a stay-at-home mom interested in hiking and sharing homemade baby food recipes? You can find moms like you here!  

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Hello Mamas: Hello Mamas matches you to other moms based on your profile. This app doesn't just look at your location. It also looks at your interests, ages of your kids, and what kinds of activities you are interested in to help you find moms you will be happy to call friends. Created by moms who found approaching potential mom friends on the playground awkward, Hello Mamas helps make making mom friends a little less awkward. 

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MomCo: MomCo has a little bit of everything. MomCo sets you up with moms who have kids of similar ages and who share your interests. It also provides local deals, giveaways, and forums to help you get the support you need.  

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Moms Meetup: You are probably already familiar with Meetup, but may not know about Moms Meetup. Meetups are available for any group you can dream up. If you don't find one you like, simply start your own group. Examples of available groups are African Moms, First-Time Upper West Side Moms, and DC Moms Playdates. Plus, there are plenty of regional groups throughout the country where moms meet up for playground playdates, stroller walks, story times, and more.  

So, what do you think are the best apps to help make mom friends?

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The 5 Best Apps to Help You Meet Mom Friends!

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