5 Alternatives to a Traditional Baby Shower

Baby showers are a wonderful way to celebrate a soon-to-arrive baby. Many moms-to-be enjoy getting a little dressed up, grabbing a decorated cupcake, and enjoying an afternoon of stories, advice, and gifts. However, not all moms look forward to their shower. For some people, the thought of being the center of attention brings more anxiety than joy. For others, they worry about their friends' financial situations or simply have everything they need for the little one on the way. If someone close to you has offered to throw you a shower but you’re not quite sold on the idea, consider one of the alternatives below. 

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Book Shower 

If you have most of the essentials you’ll need for your baby, or simply prefer to shop for the big things yourself, consider requesting a book shower. For this type of shower, the host requests that guests bring along a favorite childhood book instead of a traditional gift. What better way can there be to stock your baby's library?

Diaper Drop

When you’re having your second (or third or fourth of fifth) baby, and someone has offered to throw you a shower, you might not feel comfortable accepting. Perhaps you have most of what you need or simply feel awkward receiving more gifts. If the thought of gathering with friends brings a smile to your face though, consider requesting a Diaper Drop. For this type of shower, the host requests that guests bring diapers or wipes as opposed to a traditional gift. Consider making it more personal by asking that each guest bring along a note with their best advice for adding another child to the mix! 

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Couples Shower

If you love the thought of a shower to celebrate the impending birth of your little one, but the thought of being the center of attention all afternoon makes you shiver, consider requesting a couples shower. At this sort of co-ed shower, your partner will be opening gifts and getting advice right along with you (and offering you their support) all afternoon.

Sprinkle Another

This is a popular choice for parents who will be adding to their family, as opposed to welcoming a baby for the first time. This sort of shower takes the emphasis off of gifts and instead celebrates (or “sprinkles”) those closest to you. If the thought of a full shower makes you uncomfortable, consider requesting an intimate lunch or dinner with just your closest friends and family members.

Sip & See

If having a shower prior to baby’s birth just won’t work for you (maybe the person throwing it lives across the country or your partner who you really want to be in attendance is deployed) consider postponing the party until your little one has arrived. A Sip & See is typically very casual and takes place on a drop-by basis at your home a few weeks after baby’s birth. Not only will everyone get to meet the little person they’re celebrating, but this sort of event can also be a great way to cut down on unexpected visitors in the early weeks of baby’s life. 

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5 Alternatives to a Traditional Baby Shower

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