Finding the Perfect Pair of Maternity Pants

Finding the Perfect Pair of Maternity Pants Picture

I'm just 14 weeks pregnant but my belly seems to be growing a lot faster with this second baby. I'm already eyeing a few pairs of maternity jeans but I'm having a lot of problems figuring out what pair is right for me. There are so many sizes and styles. And, I definitely want to be sure I make the right choice, as pregnancy jeans are what I will spend most of my time in during the next several months.

Here's a look at the different types of maternity pants that you might find when searching online or in stores:


Demi Panel

Demi panel maternity pants are great for all nine months of pregnancy. You can grow with the pants – an added plus. A buttoned fly is replaced by a thick band of elastic that is meant to sit right below your belly. It supports the weight of your belly, which is a nice feeling later down the line. In the beginning it helps transition you from regular clothes to maternity clothes. Also, it leaves your belly free from paneling, which is great during the summer months. I wore these for about a month post partum.

Smooth Panel

No one will be able to tell that the panel in these maternity pants goes completely over your belly. Because it's made from microfiber material and there are no lines. It's thinner that most materials and is cooler in general. I found these the most helpful in late stages of pregnancy. If you're just showing, you could grab a pair now and fold the panel down under your belly until you need more support.

Full Panel

This panel is usually made from a cotton blend material.  It goes above the belly with an elastic waste ban that keeps everything in place. The material is a bit thicker than the smooth panel but is also more durable and functional for most women.

Woven Panel

These are stretchy and great for your first trimester, when you are just barely showing but definitely need some extra room. They also have more of a real waist and are great for postpartum when your working on getting rid of the baby belly and recovering.

Chances are that if you have a favorite brand of jeans, they also sell them in maternity sizes and styles. A quick search on discount fashion sites will turn up great deals. But you may have to take a trip to the store first to see how the various styles fit your growing belly.

Moms, how did you find your perfect pair of maternity jeans?

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Finding the Perfect Pair of Maternity Pants

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  1. mommy nhoj says:

    Got one full panel pants and smooth panel one. I need these when I used to work. Got few leggings and few dresses! My husband pampered me!

  2. LIZ says:

    i didnt both so much of maternity close because it was so expensive, i both some leggins they were so comfortable

  3. sarah says:

    I am 6 months pregnant and after reading many blogs, decided to try out maternity jeans. So I bought the Morph maternity jeans. They are extremely comfortable and well-fitting. I am so glad for them….

  4. my sweat pants are perfect. Though the first and only pair of maternity pants I bought are pretty comfortable, nothing beats the sweat pants.


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