The Fertility Test You Need To Know About

Have you ever wondered just exactly how fertile you are?

I mean, really, who hasn't? Even after having a baby, many women experience secondary infertility. So honestly, there aren't always guarantees when it comes to pregnancy. (Story of the parenting life, right?)

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There is a lot of anxiety that goes into trying to conceive, and one new test is aiming to help at least alleviate some of the pressure for women by telling them their risk of premature ovarian aging (POA), a condition that affects 10% of women. According to the Center for Human Reproduction, POA is basically having “poor ovarian reserves” at any age and is one of the most overlooked causes of infertility, so it's a good thing they've developed a fertility test to specifically test for the condition. 

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POA is unique because it causes infertility by eggs that act older than they are. It's kind of confusing, but basically, for women with the condition, they might only be 30 years old, but their eggs might be behaving like the eggs of a 45-year-old. 

The makers of the fertility test hope that giving women a test that they can take at home to pre-screen for infertility will help give women some control over the process of becoming a parent. If the test comes back positive, they will help guide women on what to do next, including re-screening to make sure the test wasn't a false alarm, continuing to monitor the ovaries as they age, and providing options for getting pregnant or freezing eggs or embryos.  

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The fertility test was actually designed by three doctors from the Centers for Human Reproduction after they realized that so many times doctors aren't seeing women who are having infertility problems until it's too late. Women are trying to get pregnant, realizing they can't, then going to see a specialist. But by that time, valuable time has been lost in the process. This test is just one step toward helping women figure out their own fertility before they are even considering pregnancy so they have more time and more information literally at their fingertips.

The test makes a lot of sense, especially if you are concerned about your fertility risk or maybe have not found a partner or just enjoy planning and want to cover your bases, any of which would be excellent reasons to at least check out your fertility and risk of POA. And just remember, this test doesn't screen for all infertility conditions, but only the risk of POA, which affects 10% of women.

You can order the test online at for $98. 

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The Fertility Test You Need To Know About

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