Mother’s Superpower of Intuition Saves Child from Being Kidnapped

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Do you remember that one time when you had this crazy feeling that you needed to go and check on your baby and you walked in just as he about to fall down the stairs? Or how about that other time when you woke up in the middle of the night, feeling that something was wrong, and you walk into your baby's room and find that she's tangled up in her blanket?

This strange phenomenon is what we all know as a mother's intuition.

It's a strange thing, really, that a woman, who is not connected to her baby by anything besides an emotional bond that can be as strong as stone, can be so in tune with her baby's needs that she is able to know when something's not quite right with her little one. It's kind of like Spidey Sense (for all you Marvel fans out there). No Bluetooth, no radio waves, no smoke signals. Nothing. Just old-fashioned intuition.

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It's super hard to explain, and it doesn't really make sense logically, but all you mamas out there know exactly what I'm talking about.

This past weekStephanie Edson, a mom from Utah, woke up in the middle of the night for no seemingly no apparent reason. “I’m not tired, I’m awake, this is weird. I was fully mentally alert,” she said.

For me, there are very few things that I hate more than waking up at the witching hour and being completely wide awake. There is no way on earth I would get out of bed and be productive, so that sort of awareness just gets me all bent out of shape. For Stephanie and her husband, however, this seemingly minor annoyance was a blessing in disguise. 

When she walked into her baby's room after hearing some noises, Stephanie stumbled upon a scene that no parent should ever have to watch:

A full-grown man had 5-year-old Lainey in his arms, ready to make a run with her.

Both Stephanie and her husband were able to get Lainey back into their possession and get the kidnapper into the possession of the police. 

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What are some of your experiences with your intuition? I really wanna know!

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Mother’s Superpower of Intuition Saves Child from Being Kidnapped

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  1. rebecca says:

    Coroner would be picking him up. Whats left of him anyways.

  2. Kristi says:

    How scary, I wouldn’t have waited for police. He wouldn’t make it out of my house alive. These kind of people dont belongvon our planet. Glad she caught him though, and that their little girl is okay.

  3. ovation says:

    That’s horrible. I would have totally flipped out. It’s bad enough our kids can’t go to the park or walk to school anymore without worry about some creep grabbing your kids. Now we can’t even keep them safe in our own homes. I think there should be tougher punishments for these creeps. Even if that means life or the needle. Our kids need to be protected.


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