Father’s Day Gifts the Whole Family Can Enjoy Together

Father's Day is all about dad!  And while it may be a good time to get him that new shaving kit he has been wanting, it's also a great time to get him a Father's Day gift that the entire family can enjoy together.

Here are some of our top ideas.

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Hammock:  Father's Day falls at the beginning of summer, when many families start to spend more time outdoors.   What better way to pass a lazy afternoon than by hanging out in the yard with an over-sized hammock.  No trees?  No problem.  Check out the Standport Caymon Hammock with Stand combo.  At just over $100, this hammock will provide years of lazy days for Dad and the kids to relax in the backyard.  Or, Dad can send the kids out and enjoy a beer in his new hammock alone.  

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Movie Projector: Movie nights are a tradition in many homes.  Up the ante for Dad by ditching the flat screen TV and getting a projector that can be used indoors or out —  The Epson Home Cinema 740 HD, which can project up to 300 inches.  That means a screen is optional, so you can project onto any wall in the house or even onto your garage.  If Dad and the kids like to play video games together, this projector can even be hooked up to a gaming system to have the most epic father-child battles ever, even in the yard.  Just be prepared for neighborhood dads and kids to start spending a lot of time at your house if you get a projector.  

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Legos:  Some have a theory that dads have kids so that they have an excuse to relive their childhood.  For many dads, Star Wars is a huge part of what they want to share with their own kids.  While not all kids are able to watch the movies quite yet, most kids love Legos.  Try a Star Wars Lego set Dad will love, like Rathtar Escape that Dad and the kids can assemble together.  Star Wars not Dad's thing?  Try the Lego Iconic Chess Set that kids can help put together and then Dad can help teach the kids to play.  Even very young children can grasp the basics!

Ghostbusters Playmobile:  Another great choice for the dad who wants to relive his own childhood with his kids is a Ghostbusters set from Playmobil.  The Ecto-1 set has plenty for a dad and child pair to enjoy since it comes with two figures, plenty of accessories, makes original sounds, and even comes with plenty of slime.    


Tent:  Kids and tents go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Skip the play tent and get a real one that Dad and the kids can enjoy together for years.  Gazelle Tents are among the most highly rated for families due to their size, ease of set-up, and durability.  Dad can enjoy backyard or even basement “camping” with the kids in a camping tent then use it for the real thing once he's ready to hit the road with the kids.  Or, Dad can use his tent to go somewhere for a weekend with the guys! 

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Bike:  The family that bikes together, stays healthy together!  It's probably been a while since Dad got himself a new set of two-wheels.  Give him an upgrade that can be used for family rides for years to come.  The Urban Commuter by PureCycles is a great choice that can be used easily on city streets or through parks.  Since it's a lighter bike, it's a great choice for using with a kid bike seat or a light bike trailer, like this one from Thule.  Or, get kids their own matching balance bike

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Fire Pit:  There is nothing like sitting around a fire in your own backyard.  Dan can enjoy sitting around a fire pit with his friends and cold drink or include the family and make some s'mores.  Look for a fire-pit big enough to accommodate the kids, but with safety features like a thick rim and spark guard.  The Birch Lane Ellison Cast Iron fire pit is a good choice for families who want to add to their outdoor experience without leaving home.

What will you be getting for the dads in your life on Father's Day? 

What do you think?

Father’s Day Gifts the Whole Family Can Enjoy Together

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