Father’s Day Gifts for Every Kind of Dad

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for Dad is just a question of what he loves. So, what kind of dad are you buying for this year? 


The Gadget Dad:

Smart speakers are undoubtedly the hot item of the season.  Google Home speakers, available in models ranging from a small and completely functional Mini for under $50.00 to the Google Home Max which can hang with the best stereo speakers on the market.  All Google Home smart speakers come not just with the power of Google, but also allow Dad to stream music, podcasts, news, and even turn on the TV (with Chromecast) without getting up or lifting a finger.  This comes in particularly handy when Dad uses his Google Home to turn on cartoons downstairs without getting out of bed.  Check scores, find a kid-friendly recipe, or play a game of freeze-tag all with the built-in Google Assistant.  

The Star Wars Dad:

Some Dads have kids solely to relive their own childhoods, but with cooler toys.  Case in point:  this new Lego Kessel Run Millennium Falcon is just as suited to Dads and it is for kids.  It would make a great activity for family project – as long as you make it clear Dad gets it keep it in his room when it’s finished.  Or, let Dad get one his favorite Star Wars pals to interact with.  Try the more obscure BB-9E by Sphero that rolls and moves just like the real one from The Last Jedi.  Let Dad decide if lets the kids join in the fun or not.  Sphero also makes an app-enabled R2-D2 and BB-8 if that's the way Dad rolls.  Use the trainer you put on your wrist to control the Droids or control them via an app.  

The Always Losing It Dad:

Is a Dad in your life always losing his keys, his phone, or his wallet?  Or is he always worried that he will?  There is a simple solution.  Tile pairs with a phone app so that Dad can ring his keys/wallet/briefcase/etc. from his phone and vice versa.  The Tile Sport  has an extra-long range and is extra-sturdy so it’s perfect for any Dad whose child thinks it’s hilarious to hide Dad’s keys somewhere new every time he’s already running late for work. 


The Tired Dad

Is Dad always yawning?  Does he love his coffee?  Make sure he gets a treat in his morning cup ‘o joe with some Godiva coffee in Chocolate Truffle, Caramel, and Hazelnut Crème.  It tastes just as good in the morning before work as it does during a 4:00 am waking with a baby who will not go back to sleep.  

The Remember-Every-Moment Dad:

Does Dad want to remember every single moment?  The Google Clips Camera is a great solution so that both Mom and Dad can be in the pictures and, perhaps most importantly, no one needs a free hand so Dad can be a part of milestones like baby's first steps rather than being the one holding the camera.  Google Clips is a new concept – set it and forget it.  Place the device near where the action is happening and it will snap away when it detects photo-worthy smiles or movements.  It even learns familiar faces over time.  Set it up during special events, like your Father’s Day dinner and birthday parties or to remember ordinary events that won’t be so ordinary one day, like family dinners with a high-chair or playtime with Legos on the ground.   No matter how Dad gets the photos he loves, make sure they don't get lost in cyber-space or on some device that will be retired (or break) some day.  A high-quality home printer that makes pro-level prints  like the Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wide-format printer is the best way to ensure your photos get printed, hung, and saved.   Or, get a printer and make some gorgeous prints for Dad's office.

 The Active/Sporty Dad:

Does Dad want nothing more than to shoot hoops or toss a football around with the kids?  Check out these custom basketballs and footballs from Wilson Sporting Goods.  Get one with his favorite team logo, a photo, his name, or the date your child was born.  Custom bats, rackets, golf clubs, and uniforms are also available.  Runner Dad?  Check out these Brooks Levitate shoes that marathoner’s swear by as the most comfortable they have ever tried.  If they can stand up to that kind of action they are definitely the shoes Dad needs to run after little ones. 


The Loves to Entertain Dad

When responsible Dad turns into good-times Dad a few key accessories can help.  The UE Wonderboom is waterproof and drop-tested, meaning that it’s essentially kid-proof.  This Bluetooth enabled speaker is five-star reviewed on Amazon and can handle a dusty back-yard, hanging poolside, or a trip to the beach.   Or, let the party continue past the kids’ bedtime by adding some vintage café lights like these from Enbrighten to the yard to add some grown-up ambiance.  Or, let Dad set-up  a cinema in the backyard once the sun goes down with a CINEMOOD portable projector Dad can use to stream his favorite flick on the side of the house or a white sheet.  Or does Dad love to give out treats?  Check out this home snow cone machine from Little Snowie that is five-star rated on Amazon that makes snow cones just the pros.  The big-sound Google Max that can play songs on command is great for both indoor and outdoor entertaining.  For the Dad who prefers adult beverages check out this Whiskey Tasting Box Set or the Beer Flight Glass Box Set from Pier One, both with wooden boards that make them great display pieces as well.


The Just Wants to Relax Dad

Is Dad a beach-bum?  Make sure he stays stylish and protected from the sun with these boardshorts and rash tops from Snapper Rock that are all UPF 50+.   The best part?  Most styles come in mini and women’s styles too so the whole family can match.


The Gamer Dad

Maybe Dad got a gaming system for the kids – or maybe he got it just for himself.  Make sure he is ready to defeat all the bad guys and hear every detail of the battle with the highly-rated Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Wireless Headphones so he's ready for action.  Or, try the Razer Black Widow Chroma Keyboard for the serious gamer that has backlit keys, mechanical switches designed just for gaming, and a wrist rest for longer playing.  Does Dad have too many games to store on his gaming system?  Speed up his loading times when he wants to switch games by getting him a Seagate Game Drive with 2 terabytes of storage.

The Family Experience Dad

Does Dad love going on adventures with the family?  Try a unique experience even kids as young as three can do with indoor skydiving at iFly.  Or, get tickets for everyone to see his favorite sports team, book an overnight stay-cation, get tickets to local amusement park, or a plan a day trip to his favorite location and offer to do all the driving so that it will be a surprise.  Check out Fourth of July specials for right-around-the-corner trips like the ones being offered by Gaylord resorts nationwide.  

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Father’s Day Gifts for Every Kind of Dad

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