It Goes So Fast! The Most Memorable Moments from the First Year

The first year of a baby’s life seems to go by both very quickly and very slowly. There are moments (and nights) that seem very, very long. But then, suddenly, you peek at the calendar and realize that your baby’s first birthday is less than a week away and they haven’t had the newborn smell in quite some time. As you reflect on all that happened in baby’s first year, you might take note of some of their sweetest (and least sweet) moments. Check out the list below the most memorable moments from your baby’s first year.

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The way a newborn moves There’s nothing so sweet as the tiny, flowing movements of a newborn. The opening and closing of their tiny hands, the flexing of their tiny legs and the blinking of their brand-new eyes is pure magic to watch. By the time they reach one their movements will be adorable in a whole different way and it will be tough to remember when they were ever so small.

The way a newborn smells What is it about a newborn that creates that magical, milky scent? When your baby was new you likely spent hours every day inhaling their sweet scent. By the time they reach one they usually only smell sweet right after a bath.

The way a newborn cries That first, mewing cry was probably one of the sweetest sounds you’ve ever heard. In the weeks after birth, a baby’s cries get increasingly louder and more forceful. By their first birthday, your little one will likely be howling with the best of them and you’ll miss those sweet tiny cries.

The first major blowout While you understood that you’d be changing diapers when you became a parent, you probably didn’t know that sometimes you’d be changing entire outfits absolutely covered in baby poop. While the first year is filled with many sweet moments, it’s some of the sourest that help turn you into a parent.

The first time you wondered if you could do it Whether parenthood came naturally to you or the first year felt like a constant struggle, there was likely a moment when you wondered if you could really do it. Well, mom, the moment passed and you’re still here. So yes, you can do it.

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It Goes So Fast! The Most Memorable Moments from the First Year

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