Family Vacation Time! Consider An All Inclusive Resort Or A Cruise

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I am looking forward to going on our first “big” family vacation within the next year or so, and I am already researching our options. I have a couple of different ideas in my head – I know I want to hang out as a family, but I would also like to find a place that will allow my husband and I some couple time without the kids. But where to go? I’m thinking either an all-inclusive resort or a cruise.

All Inclusive Resorts

If you aren’t familiar with all-inclusive results, let me explain. You pay one price and everything is included: your room, airfare, food, drinks, and activities at the hotel. When you arrive at the airport, someone’s waiting to pick you up so you don’t have to pay for taxi service which can be expensive depending on how far you are from the resort. And when you get to the resort, you can pretty much lock your wallet away in your room’s safe until it’s time to start buying souvenirs.

There are always optional add-ons that cost more; maybe your family wants to do a horseback riding excursion, your husband wants to go deep sea fishing, and you’d like to get a massage at the spa.

One all-inclusive resort that is totally focused on families is Beaches. Beaches has resorts in Jamaica and Turks and Caicos. A Caribbean getaway! There are plenty of things to keep the kids busy: kid-friendly pools, activities, a day camp for when you need a little time away, water parks, and more. Beaches is a sponsor of Sesame Street, so there are performances and activities based on Sesame Street characters.

The menus include kid-friendly foods so that you don’t have to be concerned that your picky eaters will go hungry.

For you? Spas. Premium drinks while lounging by the pool. Golf. Water sports. Gourmet dining. And again, it’s all included.


The great thing about a cruise is that you get to visit several destinations for one price. You also get to enjoy a ton of onboard activities, entertainment, and dining options; and the majority of them are included in the price of your cruise. It's similar to an all-inclusive resort, but you can see different places instead of being in just one for your whole vacation.

One cruise we looked at was a Disney cruise. Aside from the fact that Disney Cruise Line was recently named the #1 Cruise Experience for Families in Travel + Leisure magazine's “World's Best Awards 2011”, what kid wouldn't love to spend a week with Disney characters?

I think it’s a lot easier to budget for a vacation if you know that it’s going to cost you X dollars, and if you have more, you may be able to do a few additional activities. It’s so hard to decide! I just hope that when we finally do, the kids will be as excited as I already am.

Does your family take family vacations? Have you stayed at an all-inclusive resort? Where is your favorite vacation spot?

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Family Vacation Time! Consider An All Inclusive Resort Or A Cruise

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