6 Family Activities Your Kids Will Love in Cooler Weather

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The slightly cooler months  of Fall leading into Winter are a perfect time for family activities – perhaps more than you realize! The days aren't too short yet, the summer heat has broken, and there's so much to do! 

In addition to the typical fall family activities—leaf piles, pumpkins, and whatnot—here are some other activities to consider adding to your family fun nights this fall!

Tiger at the Zoo - Fall Family Fun Activity
Image courtesy Angela England

Enjoy Active Wildlife at the Zoo With Your Kiddos

Without the severe heat of the summer, zoos are an amazing place to visit. We've found the fall season to be one of the best for seeing animals active, out of their enclosures, and moving around, instead curled up asleep and nearly invisible. 

The last time we went to the zoo was an overcast day that even drizzled on us a few times, but the animals were amazing. The tigers were calling to each other and came right up to the window. The elephants were splashing in the water. My photography looked amazing, and the kids adored seeing all the animals enjoying themselves in the cool weather. 

Making Homemade Gifts Together - Fun Fall Activities for Families
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Make Homemade Gifts Together

My daughter and I recently spent an entire evening making jewelry. While in this case, the jewelry pieces were part of her Halloween costume, we had a lot of fun! I realized that I could help her make some jewelry that she would be proud to give as a Christmas gift that her teenage aunts would actually enjoy—not just enjoy, but love. 

It made me realize that we could make one of our family fun nights a homemade gift-making night. How fun would it be to work together to make some crafty things that would bless another person? Kids will get a tremendous amount of pride in their efforts, and we get to make memories as a family—win/win! 

Family Fun Activities - Geocaching is a family activity for all ages
Geocaching is a family activity for all ages – Image courtesy Angela England

Geocaching With Kids

Have you heard of geocaching? It's like a worldwide treasure-hunt. People hide boxes with items inside, called caches, and then post the coordinates on the geocaching website. You can search for location clues near you and go try to find them!

The kids love a successful geocache trip, and we usually sort by size (the bigger ones are often easier to find) and difficulty level. We don't sort by distance as often because if the geocache location is more than a few hundred yards from the parking area, we just pack the baby in a carrier and make it a family hike. It's a lot of fun, and fall is a great time to geocache because you don't have heat, bugs, or even lots of bushy plants to contend with, so the cache may be easier to spot. 

Baking Together as a Family - Fall Activities
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Bake Yummy Stuff Together

Playing in the kitchen is so much fun, especially when playing in the kitchen incorporates baking and decorating sweet yummies. The warm oven that helps heat up the house when the weather is cold outside is definitely a bonus. Cookies, brownies, pies, cakes … need I go on? Maybe bake a double batch of cookies and wrap some for neighbors and friends! What a great way to do something nice for others as a family.

Dallas aquarium family trip - Fall Fun Activities
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Hit the Indoor Must-Visit Places!

When the weather is cold, think about the fun attractions you can visit that take place mostly indoors. You deal with the cold from the car to the front door and spend hours inside a perfectly climate-controlled location. We love to save these indoor activities for times when we don't want to be outside in bad weather. 

What kinds of places?

  • aquariums
  • children museums
  • planetariums
  • indoor gardens
  • children's theatre productions
  • musical concerts
  • museums that coordinate with school studies

We've recently been to an aquarium, Legoland, and a historic Civil War museum. Most of it was educational, although LegoLand was just plain fun. And even we didn't go outside for hours; the kids wore themselves out playing, exploring, and learning new things. They had so much fun!

Image via Flickr/annethelibrarian

Family Movie Night

If you find yourselves cooped up indoors because of a fall storm, you can make a family movie night! Pull out all the stops—popcorn, sleeping bags, complete with a family-friendly movie that even the parents will enjoy. Earlier this year, we went to see “Oz, the Great and Powerful,” so for our last family movie night, we watched “The Wizard of Oz” on Vudu. I loved watching an old classic that related back to something new that we could all enjoy together.

What are your must-do activities as a family now that the weather has begun to cool?

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6 Family Activities Your Kids Will Love in Cooler Weather

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