Have a Winter Baby? Check Out These Fabulous Winter Birthday Party Themes

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If you have a winter baby you’re probably anxiously awaiting their upcoming birthday. You also might be worried that the business of the holidays will overshadow their special day. Or that the cold or stormy weather will make having a lively bash impossible. True, kids with winter birthdays probably won’t ever get to have a pool-side celebration. But there are all kinds of winter-themed parties that are sure to offer a great time. Check out the awesome winter birthday party themes below!

Winter Wonderland21

If this winter will be your child’s first birthday then a Winter One-derland party might be the perfect fit. If they’re older, a Winter Wonderland party might still fit the bill! Focus your décor on cool colors and winter style decorations. And offer sweet, snowflake decorated treats.


Is your little one is one of the millions of kids who are fond of the movie Frozen? Consider throwing them a Frozen-themed winter birthday party. Ask guests to dress up like a favorite character. Offer treats and snacks reminiscent of the movie (sugar crystal candy sticks, blue or white cotton candy, marshmallow monster snacks, etc). Do a karaoke sing-along with the movie and let kids act out their favorite scenes again and again. 

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Arctic Animals

If you’re the parent of an animal lover, consider picking a favorite arctic animal, like a polar bear, and center the winter birthday party around that animal. Consider whether there are any special games or activities you can play. And, if you’re able, create a snow cave from blankets in your playroom.

Gingerbread decorating

You don’t want your kiddo’s birthday overshadowed by the winter holidays. But there are sometimes activities and party themes that mix the best of birthday and holiday celebrations. Gingerbread is a perfect winter birthday pairing. If your child likes to bake and decorate, consider throwing a gingerbread decorating party. Let your child and their friends create beautiful gingerbread houses. Offer them the supplies they’ll need to make them pop! 

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Have a Winter Baby? Check Out These Fabulous Winter Birthday Party Themes

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