Happy Holidays! We’re Expecting! 5 Adorable Holiday Pregnancy Announcements

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When you find out you’re pregnant you might want to tell everyone you know right away or you might want to savor the news privately before sharing. No matter how long you wait to spill the beans there are all sorts of ways to do it that are fun, creative, and exciting. Check out the ideas below for the perfect holiday pregnancy announcement!

  1. Ultrasound ornament

It might take your guests a few minutes to notice this ornament hung on your tree but, once they do, there won’t be any doubt about what it means. Once you tell people the closest to you in person, snap a picture and share the news on social media!

  1. Tiny boots

The extra-pair-of-shoes snapshot is a classic way to announce your pregnancy. To make it feel more seasonal and holiday-themed, consider purchasing a pair of tiny baby snow boots and snapping your picture in the snow. For extra flair, consider adding an adorably small pair of mittens or a cute baby hat.

  1. The Christmas Tree Silhouette

Has your belly has already begun to pop? Consider creating your holiday pregnancy announcement with a beautiful silhouette image of you in front of your Christmas tree. These shots work well with either colored lights or simple, classic white lights.

  1. The wish list

To create a wish list pregnancy announcement simply list out a few “wishes” that an older sibling might have like a new toy or a teddy bear. Then tack on “baby brother” or “baby sister” at the bottom. Super cute and easy to do with markers and paper, a chalkboard, or anything else you can think of!

  1. Let Santa Spill the Beans!

Consider letting Santa Claus tell your friends and relatives about your holiday pregnancy. Grab a picture of Santa holding an ultrasound image or a homemade sign. This will be an announcement you’ll enjoy looking back on.

Do you have any fun ways to announce your holiday pregnancy? Share in the comments!

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Happy Holidays! We’re Expecting! 5 Adorable Holiday Pregnancy Announcements

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