The Adventure-Mama’s Dream: Ergo’s New Omni360

We love to share favorite products with our audience. We want you to know that we were gifted a carrier from Ergo to try out for the following post. 

When I first saw that Ergobaby had come out with a new baby carrier my immediate thought was, “I wonder if they’ve changed the infant support so you no longer need the insert to use it as a newborn carrier …”, which – to be honest – was my only complaint about my beloved last Ergo, the 360. And they did!

My son was born 9lbs 3oz, and as much as I wanted to wear him with some of the carriers we tried it was just not comfortable for me due to my small size and his big weight. So, the Ergo and I became fast friends – I’ll never forget that I wore him in it for my first walk around the neighborhood post C-section!

But I wasn’t as smitten with the infant insert. It was tricky to get his legs positioned in a frog-style position in it, without seeming like I was making a should-be comfortable situation, uncomfortable for him.

Cue the new Omni 360, with NO need for the infant insert! Since my son is no longer an infant at two years old, I had one of my good mom friends put the upgraded Ergo to the test with her newborn to see if it was an improvement. Here’s what she thought!

Someone is loving this carrier.

She has been comfortably fast asleep for over an hour.

Now, when my friend first tried to use the carrier without checking the instructions, she was having a hard time figuring out the newborn setup. So, I sent her this handy video so she could watch instead of read – she is a busy mom going from 1 to 2 kids now, after all.

Since she sent me the sweet photo and message above, I asked, “Got the positioning figured out? You’re comfy?”

And she elaborated with, “It’s great. I don’t know what exactly I was doing wrong before I reviewed the instructions, but I got it on/off pretty easily today and it was our first time ever going legs out.”  

Some additional thoughts from her as a first-time user …

It’s a little bulkier than what I’m used to with the ring slings and such, but so, so nice for long walks and even hikes because there’s virtually no weight sustained in the shoulders. It’s literally all in the waist band.

You can even sort of tell in the picture I took where the weight is distributed. The waist band was nice and snug but there was almost a finger’s width of space on the shoulder straps, showing how none of the weight falls there.

She mentioned using the Ergo as a hiking carrier, which was our primary use of our earlier version for quite some time!

We hiked with my son in the front carry position when he was little, and got a lot of use out of the back carry position once he was big enough. Cutest backpack ever!

One of the other big reasons I loved this carrier so much was that it was so easy for my 5’11” husband to use it as well as my 5’1” self. With just a couple easy adjustments you can go from one size to the other which is great to spread the love around.

We also loved that we could easily travel with the Ergo rather than lugging a bulky stroller with us. I used the carrier several times at airports and out and about locally to get my son to nap while we were on the go. It worked like a charm and both he and I were comfortable for long periods of time! AND it was great for crowded events and places you didn’t want to have to navigate a stroller. Here’s my son rocking his Ergo as a forward facing carrier at a pumpkin festival we went to last year, and one of him and daddy at the zoo!

Two easy steps for an easy & comfortable forward facing in Omni 360! Here's how!

Some of the amazing benefits to babywearing are the comfort the proximity to a parent brings to baby, the ability to get out and about with baby without having everyone try to love on them (and share their germs), and being hands-free and able to get things done around the house or as a shopping carrier at the grocery store.


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The Adventure-Mama’s Dream: Ergo’s New Omni360

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