11 Tips to Encouraging Creativity

11 Tips to Encouraging Creativity Picture

Why do kids lose interest in creative endeavors? The same reason that we all do; we get into a rut! We start doing the same thing the same way over and over again because it is just easier; and then it becomes boring, so we lose interest! How can parents and teachers encourage creativity? Ask questions. Ask:

  • How could you do that differently?
  • What if you could only use three colors?
  • What if you had to use five colors?
  • What other way could you say that?
  • Is there another word you could use instead of that one?
  • How many things can you think of that start with the letter?
  • Can you think of more?
  • How about animals?
  • How about food? Pick another category.
  • How could you say that with pictures instead of words?
  • How could you say that in sign language?  

Children need to be challenged and stimulated. Always ask for MORE! They are limited only by our expectations of them.

What do you think?

11 Tips to Encouraging Creativity

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  1. Profile photo of jennngiggles jennngiggles says:

    I’m 24 wks pregnant with my first baby and I find myself drawn to articles like these. I’d love to see my son be extremely creative… drawing, painting, writing, etc. Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. Profile photo of Tinarhea1 Tinarhea1 says:

    I love this topic! I am a FTM and I love not only knowing the answer but exploring the what if and the why questions in life using those extra details. I believe this WILL let our children be creative and ultimately lead to becoming progressive thinkers.


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