8 Tips for a GREAT Father’s Day

tips for great fathers day
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Father’s Day is rapidly approaching, which means that mamas and children all over the United States are scrambling for ideas to make the man in their life feel loved and special. Truth be told, it’s a tad harder to shop for Father’s Day than Mother’s Day, because sending a lovely bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates just won’t cut it. And ties – well they are simply at the bottom of the wish list for most men. Plus there is the issue that men in general are often tight lipped when it comes to asking for what they want in life. Worse, a new motorcycle so they can relive their boyish dreams is quite simply out of the question! So what are some things you can do to make Father’s Day special with the man in your life? What are the manly ways to say, “I love you and you are appreciated?”

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Go on an outing that HE will enjoy! Fishing with dad, going to a baseball game, watching a race together, or if his interests suggest – hiking, biking or exploring the outdoors or even handing him tools while he fixes his antique car are great ways to spend his big day. You may not share HIS interests, but partaking in them as a family will definitely make his day, and make memories.

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If the man in your life is a sports fan – you and the kids (and extended family members) could set up a backyard obstacle course. Invite other families over and compete for the prize (a grilled steak and beer, of course, handed over by the losing family). Your family will have fun competing – and it’s easy and cheap to set up backyard games and competitive venues. Think badminton, wiffle ball, kick ball, bocce, cricket, hide and seek, maze running, relay races, and so on. After all, the family that plays together stays together! You can even get colored team/family shirts made for the big event!


fathers day tablet
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According to an E-Bates survey, the gift that tops a dad’s wish list (yes, even surpassing hand written cards and kid artwork) is a tablet or smartphone. While women are often credited as being the techies in the household, a growing trend among dads is the desire for more technology. If he is still sporting a flip phone, maybe Father’s Day is a good time to upgrade to a smartphone.

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An old fashioned, home cooked meal. 46% of all men wanted a home cooked meal on Father’s Day. The good news is that you and the kids can work together to fill the table with all of dad’s favorite foods. And if you allow him to take a nap, or snooze in the recliner while watching a game while you cook, you will ensure he’s having an incredibly satisfying Father’s Day.

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Before you think about upgrading the father in your life’s wardrobe by purchasing a new tie or khaki pants – consider that 50% of all men surveyed in the E-Bates survey said they wanted power tools. Apparently, the roar of a chain saw or the power of a new drill is something that no male ever outgrows! (And you might get some of those home improvements done, too!)

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Sex! Father’s Day may be about the kids and their father – but remember that it took the two of you to make that child. And certainly, your husband or significant other would appreciate a little early morning romantic canoodling with just you. Plus, what better way is there to start off the day than by making love?


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Time to RELAX. The world is so fast paced these days, and workdays are just getting longer and longer. Men often don’t like to have their weekend planned, and spent running from place to place. Since Father’s Day is on a Sunday – try to fit in as much relaxation and downtime as possible. Sleeping in, celebrating at home, and enjoying your time together as a family without a million commitments is a perfect way to spend Father’s Day!

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Last but not least – while men may not be sentimental about kiddie arts and craft projects for gifts – they will be in the years to come. Make sure your kids offer a handmade, hand written card or piece of artwork that he can look back in 15 years and ‘remember when.’ As men get older, they tend to appreciate the sentimental things in life a little more. Plus, it will make the kids feel great to show and tell their dads just how much they love them.

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8 Tips for a GREAT Father’s Day

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