EF Family: Our Names and Why Our Parents Chose Those Names

Reading about baby names is always fun. And it's always fun to hear about how a person's name was chosen. We, the EverydayFamily.com staff, decided to share some stories about our names and why our parents chose those particular names. Here are some of the responses! We hope you enjoy reading about our names and why our parents chose those names for us!

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Natalie Angela:

My parents couldn't agree on a name for me. They put a bunch of names they liked in a hat when I was a few weeks old, and they took turns drawing names out of the hat. But they kept cheating! My dad kept drawing Pamela or Mary out of the hat, and my mom kept drawing Hibiscus or Jasmine. Neither of them liked the names the other was drawing. So finally they stuck my tiny baby hand in the hat, and I drew out: Natalie! It was perfect and they named me Natalie (no middle name). 

As I grew up, one of my best friends was named Angela, and I used to pretend that my middle name was Angela, since I had no middle name. And eventually, when I married my husband and went to change my last name to his last name, I added in Angela for my middle name, making it official!

So, I basically picked my first, middle, and last names! Not many people can say that!



My parents named me Sara after the Bob Dylan song. It was almost Layla, but Sara won out.


Shiloh Winsome:

My name, Shiloh Winsome, was chosen by my parents for a few reasons. Because we have a very common last name, my parents wanted to give us each a unique name so that we wouldn’t be one of many kids named the same thing. They had already named my two older brothers with biblical names, Benjamin and Noah, so they thought it might be cool to continue the tradition. Shiloh is actually the name of the city where the Arc was kept. It’s also derived from the word Shalom, which means peace, so that’s an added bonus. And of course, my parents simply liked the name too.

Winsome is the first name of both my maternal grandmother and my aunt (mother’s sister), so essentially I was given that name to honor my Mema! She was one of the most amazing women I’ve had the privilege to have in my life, and I am so very thankful that I can carry her on in not only my heart but also my name.



My dad wanted to name me Sven or Hans. Since our last name was Anderson at the time, that would have made me Hans Christian Anderson. Thankfully, my mom vetoed and went with Ben.


Megan Marie:

Named after Magens Bay, St. Thomas, but spelled the common way to not be confusing. My parents were on a cruise in the area while my mom was pregnant with me and felt that the bay was so beautiful it would be the perfect name for their daughter.



After my mother and grandmother’s middle names.



My mom heard the name “Jamie” once that thought is was unusual. She had wanted to spell it “Jaime” the traditional female spelling but my Dad had wanted a boy so she agreed to spell my name “Jamie” instead, which is the traditional male spelling. In any event, six months after I was born The Bionic Woman starring Jamie Summers came out and that was the end of my unusual name.

So that's a bit about our names! Why did your parents choose your name for you?

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EF Family: Our Names and Why Our Parents Chose Those Names

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