EF Family: Our Babies’ Names and Why We Chose Those Names

We love reading about baby names here at EverydayFamily. We, the EverydayFamily staff, decided to share some stories about our babies' names and why we chose those names. Here are some of our responses:

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Image via Natalie Sudia

Natalie: Henry Preston

My husband and I knew if we had a boy his name would be Henry. We loved the name. It’s classic, strong, and doesn’t come with too many silly nicknames. Plus, it’s our secret nerdy nod to Indiana Jones (his given name was Henry Jones, Junior!). It also plays into our love of Shakespearian plays. (Yes, we browsed through our Shakespeare collection as we thought about baby names!) Our Henry was born a month after we saw a fantastic original practices stage production of Henry V, so that’s the King Henry we associate with our baby boy.

Henry means Ruler of the Home (it has only become more true, through baby and toddler times!)

We chose Preston as his middle name because we thought the name Henry Preston had a nice ring to it. Plus, if he ever decided to take a pen name or stage name, Henry Preston works well as a first and last name combo.

Preston means “From the Priest’s Town.”

We shared the name with people before Henry was born. Although it was with the warning that if he was born and he didn't look like a Henry we would name him something else. Luckily, he looked just like a Henry!

babies' names
Image via Shiloh Johnson

Shiloh: Lyra Lucile and Coda Bruce

Lyra (Lie-ra) was a name I heard in the movie, The Golden Compass, even before I was married, but for whatever reason, I fell in love with it. Years later when we found out we were having a girl, it was the first girl name that came to mind and the only one I loved, so we really didn’t even consider anything else since I had been in love with it for so many years already. Plus, Lyra is derived from the lyre, which is a musical instrument. Both hubby and I are musical, so we loved that aspect of it as well.

What does the name mean? Lyra is actually a constellation that lies in the northern sky that represents the lyre played by Orpheus. And Lucile means light or illumination, which is especially fitting for my little girl who definitely shines!

Then her middle name, Lucile, is a family name – my mother-in-law’s middle name and her grandmother’s. We just loved the way the two names flowed together and I really wanted part of her name to be from the family tree, so it worked!

We shared her name before she was born. I loved it so much that I didn’t care what anyone said about it!


Coda Bruce

I discovered the name Coda when I was pregnant with my daughter and researching musically influenced names, and circled back to it later on when we found out our next child was going to be a boy. My husband plays guitar and I grew up dancing, and with a sister named Lyra, we really wanted something that had a musical ring to it. I didn’t love Coda at first, but it ended up being the best of the lot, none of which I loved. But we were adamant that it also be unique, yet not weird (which is a tall order for a boy name) and Coda seemed to fit the bill the best. Plus, we knew we wanted to use the name Bruce for his middle name, and Coda went well with that.

What does Coda mean? In music, a Coda is a passage that brings a piece or a movement to an end. It’s like a closing card or a finale. In dance, this is the case as well. And being that we knew we were done having children after him, he was the perfect finale to our family!

Bruce is actually my father-in-law’s first name, as well as my grandfather’s name, who was basically my father figure in life, so Bruce was a no-brainer when naming our son. Bruce means thick brush, but that is obviously not why we gave him that name, but rather for honoring the amazing men in both my husband’s and my life.

We shared what we would be naming him before he was born, but more because I needed to start using it out loud so that I would get used to it, as I wasn’t in love with it at first. Of course, now I think it’s the most awesome name ever and I am so glad we picked it!

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Image via Sara McTigue

Sara: Annabella Arden, Sawyer Patrick, and Lorelei Bradley

Annabella Arden is after her paternal grandmother, Anna, who passed away before I even met my husband. And Arden after the forest in Shakespeare's As You Like It, which is a sort of crazy, magical, unexpected place. She's a crazy, magical girl, so it seems to fit her, although I spent months after she was born worrying whether I had picked the right name. 

Sawyer Patrick is named after Tom Sawyer, who is adventurous and mischievous, and after his dad's middle name. His name definitely suits him and I get to say both first and middle on a regular basis, so I'm glad they work well together. Ha! 

Lorelei Bradley is after the siren/mermaid and after her grandpa. It's the perfect name for her, as she's the most like her grandfather. We never really wavered on her name once we chose it. Her older sister had the cutest way of saying it and that cemented it as the right one for me. 

Jamie: Claire

My oldest is easy. It is Jewish tradition to name after a deceased relative. I named my daughter after my Grandmother Claire to honor her memory and to keep with a thousands year old tradition.

How did you decide on your babies' names?

What do you think?

EF Family: Our Babies’ Names and Why We Chose Those Names

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  1. ragek001 says:

    I think all the names are great and meaning. My daughter is named after the four generations of women who were first children with first daughters she was the fifth generation first daughter of first daughters. my first son is named after his own dad and my dad and second son is after my husbands dad and my dad. I love learning things like tis and glad other people share too


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