Eclipse Inspired Baby Names

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Were you able to view the solar eclipse on Monday? My son, husband, and I live in Colorado and were able to! It was a really neat experience. I think my favorite part was the eclipse shadows the trees cast on the ground! Incredible. I felt inspired by the beauty of the solar eclipse, so I decided to explore baby names inspired by the sun and the moon, and found many names as beautiful as the eclipse itself …

Soleil: French, sun

Luna: Latin, moon

Selene: Ancient Greek, archaic lunar deity and the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia

Surya: Sanskrit, sun

Blaze: meaning firebrand, torch, flame

Solen: Swedish, sun

Mika: a new moon, Japanese

Cyra: moon, Persia

Soare: Romanian, sun

Eliana: derived from the feminine form of the Latin family name Aeliānus (of the sun)

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Alba: Italian meaning dawn

Solea: Walloon (Belgium), sun

Leza: Ngadha (Indonesia), sun

Sol: Latin, sun

Jericho: moon city, Arabia

Nara: Mongghuer (Mongolia), sun

Elidi: Greek name meaning gift of the sun

Noa: Myanmar, sun

Thea: Anglicized spelling of Theia, the Titan of sight and the shining light of the clear blue sky

Isana: Lugwere (Uganda), sun 

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Helen: Greek name meaning shining light

Hana: Paumotan (Paumotan), sun

Ina: Anam (Papa New Guniea), sun

Lero: Sika (Indonesia), sun

Elio: Spanish name meaning sun

Aditya: Sanskrit, Sun God

Ravi: Sanskrit name meaning sun

Cyrus: Latin name meaning sun

Aine: Irish goddess of summer

Oriana: Latin name meaning dawn

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Ailyn: ring around the moon, Turkey

Idalia: Greek place-name meaning “I see the sun” 

Celeste: derived from the French céleste which is from the Latin caelestis meaning celestial, heavenly.

Semine: Denmark, mythology, the goddess of the sun, moon, and stars

Nisa: Hmar (India), sun 

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Would you – or have you – used any of these bright and beautiful names? 

What do you think?

Eclipse Inspired Baby Names

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