Eat Ice Cream To Help You Get Pregnant

For couples trying to conceive, there may be one alternative therapy that may help them to get pregnant, and it has nothing to do with shots or fertility clinics.

Instead, it's a much more tasty option:

Ice cream!

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Long the butt of many a pregnancy-craving joke, ice cream is one of those foods that kind of goes hand in hand with pregnancy. And it may be that there's a scientific reason for that natural combination of ice cream and pregnancy. According to one study, eating dairy products “significantly” boosted a woman's fertility

The study, which looked specifically at women over the age of 35 and going through fertility treatments, found that women who ate the most ice cream, cream, yogurt, and milk were 21% more likely to give birth than those who didn't partake often. Three portions of dairy a day were all it took to make a difference, and the study's lead researcher explained that the hormones in cow's milk could help with embryo implantation for humans. 

Interestingly enough, the fertility boost from dairy only seemed to affect women over age 35, and for men, eating more dairy actually lowered their sperm quality. So ladies — keep that ice cream to yourself if you're trying to conceive! 

Famous fertility expert Dr. Rose Frisch has studied the link between body fat and fertility for her whole life, finding that women who didn't have enough normal, natural body fat would have trouble conceiving and bearing children. “Your brain knows you will not be successful at reproduction if you don’t have enough fat,” she told the Harvard Gazette in 1998. And one of her favorite go-to foods for boosting fertility? Ice cream, of course. 

So, who's up for a double-dipped cone? Anyone? 

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Did you crave ice cream when you were pregnant?


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Eat Ice Cream To Help You Get Pregnant

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