How Early Can You Find Out Your Baby’s Gender?

I am decidedly in camp “whatever works for you” when it comes to finding out your baby's gender. Some people can't stand not knowing what gender their baby is, while others love the surprise. 

We chose to be surprised with our first two babies and found out the gender with our last two. With our first, I was genuinely shocked when she turned out to be a girl. Everyone in the world was convinced that we would have a boy and, unlike a lot of moms, I didn't really have any strong feelings on the matter either way. (Any other moms out there like me? I felt like there was something wrong with me.) It was a huge surprise and it definitely did make it a lot of fun to find out at birth.

We chose again not to find out what our second baby was, even though I knew it was a girl. Unlike my first pregnancy, I was 100% convinced I knew the baby's gender. I knew even before I was pregnant that our next baby would be a girl, it was kind of strange now that I think about it. I didn't even pick out a boy's name during my pregnancy, that's how sure I was. 

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Luckily, I was right and she did turn out to be a girl. 

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With our last two births, however, my time of being surprised was decidedly up. I wanted to know the genders and I wanted to plan and prepare and buy all the non-gender neutral things. We hosted our first-ever gender reveal party for our fourth baby and it was a lot of fun. It showed me that there are benefits to doing it either way, waiting or finding out, and I'm glad we experienced both ways. 

Once you decide you want to find out the gender, however, it can be difficult to wait a full 20 weeks, when most people find out the gender. It's a long time of anticipating and waiting. In a way, it's nice because you have something to look forward to and get you to that halfway point in your pregnancy. 

But thanks to newer technology, you can apparently find out as early as 10 weeks what your baby's gender is. 10 weeks! That seems so crazy to me. There are “DIY” kits on the market, where you can supposedly send in your own blood sample to determine your baby's gender. I would not advise you to do any of those tests, but you can talk to your doctor about chromosomal and genetic testing that is available in-office. The purpose of those in-office tests are to determine your baby's health and screen for any potential developmental problems, but they are also able to determine the baby's gender in many cases. You shouldn't necessarily request them just to find out the baby's gender, but talk to your OB or midwife to see if he or she would recommend the early genetic testing. 

How early did you find out your baby's gender? 

What do you think?

How Early Can You Find Out Your Baby’s Gender?

Chaunie Brusie is a coffee mug addict, a labor and delivery nurse turned freelance writer, and a young(ish) mom of four. She is the author of "Tiny Blue Lines: Preparing For Your Baby, Moving Forward In Faith, & Reclaiming Your Life In An Unplanned Pregnancy" and "The Moments That Made You A Mother". She also runs Passion Meets Practicality, a community of tips + inspiration for work-at-home mothers. ... More

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