How to Dress Your Bump for Spring

Spring is finally around the corner after what has felt like the longest, coldest winter known to womankind. (At least, that's how it has felt here in Michigan.) With the warmer months finally in sight, you might be gearing up to freshen up your wardrobe with some new maternity looks. 

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Odds are, you are going for a few main things when it comes to dressing your bump for spring: comfort, room to grow, and plenty of easy, breezy looks that will let you deal with those inevitable hot flashes that hit at the weirdest times. (Thanks, pregnancy hormones!)

We've rounded up some pretty + fresh looks that will take you into spring and transition into the next stage of your pregnancy, no matter what trimester you're in. And as a bonus, many of the looks can be used during that difficult postpartum period, when nothing seems to fit just quite right. 

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Start with a jumpsuit

I love the look of dresses, but I have to admit that I fully have thighs that rub together, so whenever I wear a dress, inevitably I get the dreaded “thigh rub.” Especially when I'm pregnant, nothing is less fun than throwing on a nice dress, feeling fresh and pretty in the morning, and then wanting to cry a few hours later from chafing thighs. ugh.

As a way to get the easy, breezy look and feel of a dress without the thigh chafe, a jumpsuit to the rescue! This functional jumpsuit is inspired by none other than Amelia Earhart herself and I have to admit, I'm kind of thinking of ordering one, even though I'm definitely not pregnant. The jumpsuit is build with plenty of room to grow and features hidden, like cross-sectional nursing panels so it can be worn postpartum as well. 

And of course, it's nice and loose and stretchy for all of those trips to the bathroom that you're going to have to make. This is an important feature to take notice of, I know this. The jumpsuit is designed to be nursing-friendly and it's the perfect piece for postpartum lounging, healing, and feeding too, because it feels like pajamas but looks put together enough to wear around visitors. 

Amelia jumpsuit, $155

Transition with a bell sleeve top

bell sleeve pregnancy shirt

I love this top because it's a great transition piece–it's light and airy enough for spring, but heavy enough if we experience any of those famous late-spring snowstorms. (Insert eye roll here.) 


Stowaway Collection, $65

Stay pretty in pink

Um, can you say pretty in pink? This dress is so perfect for spring, to take you into summer, and can be paired with a sweater and leggings when the weather gets cooler. It's stretchy while still supportive, a gorgeous color, and the perfect addition to any pregnancy wardrobe. (In my case, I'd probably just buy one dress and wear it for nine months, because that's how I roll, so this would be a great one-time purchase!)

Shop Stowaway's Maternity Collection

Turn to Target

spring maternity fashion

I feel like you just can't go wrong with Target. I relied on them so much during my pregnancies for cute and affordable clothes and their spring collection is no exception. They have everything from basic tees with a hint of floral, to cute capris, to workout clothes to maintain your #fitpregnancy (if that's your thing, of course, no pressure here!)

Maternity Short Sleeve, Target, $29.99

Amazon to the rescue

Floral Print Dress, Amazon, $17

It might not be high fashion, but Amazon has some of the cutest clothes I have found for my family. And you just can't beat the convenience with Prime. I mean, really. Free 2-day shipping and most free returns? I am a proud Amazon Prime mom for keeping my house running and especially for something like pregnancy looks, which are short-term anyways, I think Amazon can be a great choice.

Searching “spring maternity” yielded SO many cute tops and breezy dresses that would be perfect for spring. This option isn't a specific maternity dress, but it's loose enough that you could order and use it as maternity. Which, for the record, is a great option for shopping maternity in the first and second trimesters, and even the third if your bump is small enough. It doesn't have to be strictly maternity to work for you. 

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For spring maternity looks, think pairing simple tops with floral accessories, light colors, and most of all, staying comfortable and healthy through your pregnancy! We think pregnancy is beautiful no matter what you decide to wear, so enjoy the warmer months that will bring you one season closer to meeting your little one.

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How to Dress Your Bump for Spring

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