Doll’s Genitals Has People up in Arms

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Males have penises.

Males have testicles.

Any surprises there?

So why is it so shocking to some that a male doll has male genitalia? Any run-of-the-mill doll would have fingers, ears, and arms. Why? Because all baby boys have those things. If you omit any of these necessary features from the design of a doll, it would be seen as an incomplete doll. I would say that if the penis wasn't included on a boy doll, then it could be seen as an incomplete doll. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the penis is more important than fingers, than ears, or than arms. People can function without all three of those things, but without a penis, you're toast. (Well, if you're a male, that is.)

So, again, I pose the question: Why are people all up in arms about a perfectly normal body feature? No, they are definitely not the prettiest things on earth, but acting like they don't exist or that they're too dirty to include on a children's toy is absurd. 

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Censoring something that is completely normal within the proper context will create a discomfort and unnecessary curiosity about a fact of life. On the same token, calling a penis anything other than “penis” will make it so it's actual name is taboo or dirty.

I'll admit it. In the past, I'd much rather call a penis something not so … scientific, but that's because I was raised to think that it was dirty and inappropriate. Now, in my, ahem, refined state of mind, I acknowledge that it is what it is, so I call it what it is.

And what better way to introduce children to the non-tabooness of anatomy than to include it on their toys? Take a look at the doll again: Explain to me, or anyone, for that matter, how that is sexual or pornographic in any way? 

It's not.

For those concerned, why not use this as a chance to teach your kids how things are? If kids are weirded out by it, which, they probably will be based on the anatomy of most dolls, let them know that it's completely normal. And that's quite possibly going to be the end of it. 

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What do you think? Is the addition of genitals on a doll completely unnecessary, or is it perfectly OK with you?


What do you think?

Doll’s Genitals Has People up in Arms

Jace Whatcott is a self-diagnosed introvert who loves crossword puzzles, golf, and reading. Despite being a male contributor—one of the few on this particular website—he is not in unfamiliar territory. Because he is an English major, 90% of his classmates are females, so he’s not too worried about being a fish out of water. One of his favorite things to do is to raid local thrift stores for used books. He’s always looking for something to read, or for something to put on his endless to-r ... More

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  1. Nicholas says:

    I just have one question.. where’s the nipples, butt cheeks and anus? I mean if they are going for anatomically correct, I know all my kids have two separate cheeks..

  2. Cheri says:

    I think it’s great! From a young age my parents told me proper names and I had a brother so I knew what one looked like. I have an anatomically correct doll. Male and Female. I have had them for as long as I can remember. I didn’t think any different about them than I did my regular dolls. My son and hopefully future daughter will know all about it. Why hide it or downplay it. I think that if I am honest with them and tell them everything they need to know, they will be more careful when they hit their teenage years. I think/hope they will less tempted to rush into things, because they will already know what they look like and what they’re for.

  3. Aleycia says:

    I have always taught my children to use the anatomically correct names for all of their body parts. Being that they’re only 2.5 years apart they have seen each other in the nude multiple times and are aware of their different genitals. I feel like calling them nicknames makes them taboo and increases their curiosity in a negative way. Genitals are a part of your body, just like hands, feet, eyes, etc. and there’s nothing wrong with a doll that is anatomically correct. If my children, either one of them, was interested in having this doll I would purchase it without a second thought. There’s a good chance my children wouldn’t even comment on the fact that the doll has a penis and testes because that is normal to them. Kudos to the company that is manufacturing this doll.

  4. Vanna says:

    My friend and I recently had a conversation about what to call private parts around our children. For her little girl, she calls her vagina a “hoo-hoo” and her butt is a “ha-ha” then she asked what I call my son’s privates. I simple replied penis and butt. I think making the words vagina and penis taboo is the ridiculous thing. (Also my phone keeps trying to auto correct “penis” with “pens.” I think this is proving my point.)

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