This Doctor Thinks He Has the Cure for SIDS

SIDS is one of the most tragic occurrences of our modern day life, claiming 3,500 babies a year. For parents and caregivers, the fear of simply laying their babies down to sleep never disappears. Each and every time I lay my daughter down for a nap, I am listening, watching, and waiting with a silent prayer that she will wake up. 

It's so scary, and one of the scariest parts about SIDS is that we still don't know for sure what causes it or how to prevent it with 100% certainty.

But for the first time ever, one doctor thinks he may be close to finding the cure for SIDS.

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Daniel Rubens is an anesthesiologist at Seattle Children's Hospital, and after studying SIDS for over a decade, he thinks he is close to finally having a cure for the horrible fluke that snatches so many babies too soon. 

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Dr. Rubens believes that SIDS is actually caused by an inner-ear dysfunction that somehow makes it difficult for the baby's brain to understand that he/she needs to move in order to breathe better. Unlike other theories, which point to a genetic link or even something that signals the baby's brain to stop breathing, Dr. Ruben thinks the problem is more physical with SIDS.

“These babies have inner-ear damage, but they can't tell you,” Rubens said in one interview. “They are too young to sit up. The baby has got a problem getting air.”

He based his theory off of new findings that tested babies born in Rhode Island for hearing problems and found that all the babies who survived passed the hearing tests, while those who had died from SIDS had failed their hearing tests.

Currently, Dr. Ruben is working on a new hearing screening that he hopes will be implemented on all babies to test for the inner ear dysfunction and hopefully decrease SIDS forever.

What do you think about this news? 


What do you think?

This Doctor Thinks He Has the Cure for SIDS

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I am glad to hear that someone is still trying to find a cause and cure for SIDS. Thank you.

  2. faith4life says:

    While I hope he is onto something and perhaps this can help the babies who have ear issues from becoming a statistic, I don’t think this is the way to completely prevent SIDS. My daughter passed her hearing tests but we had a handful of apnea issues with her where we had to startle her back to breathing. I believe there are multiple factors that make a baby prone to SIDS, and perhaps this is one of them, but claiming that this is the “cure” for SIDS is irresponsible.

    • cameron says:

      I agree. In a more descriptive article written on him he never claims to have the cure he is just one step closer to finding one answer. I think my son had breathing issues because even single day I would look at him and worry but when I brought it up to the doctor he blew it off like I was just a scared new mom and he was fine. I pushed the issue so hard and everyone said he was fine and I was just crazy. But there would come a time every day where I felt his breathing was staggered and I would tell myself “he’s fine he’s been checked by the doctor I’m overacting” and now that he is gone I feel I shouldn’t have listened to everyone else and taken him to a doctor every day until they saw what I was seeing. I feel he may have had an inner ear disfunction but I honestly believe there was something more because of how I saw him breathe sometimes.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I’m so sorry for your loss! I completely understand what you’re saying about the doctor though, happened to me… my situation wasn’t as serious as breathing issues though.

  3. Courtnee says:

    This doctor is wrong. My first born, my son, passed his hearing test and still died from SIDS. There was nothing wrong with my son’s health at all, so this doctor is wrong about his theory that it is an inner ear problem.

    • cameron says:

      Courtney I’m so very sorry for your loss my son died of sids February 3rd of this year. And in a more descriptive article ittells you he has a different hearing test that he tested on babies for over ten years I think he may be on to something. The ear disfunction is very undetectable even with a full autopsy (which my son had and of course they couldn’t find anything) I believe in this guy he is going above and beyond to do research something so under researched when he has no reason to. He just works with babies and feels something has to be down so people like us can get answers. Please look up a better article about him. While this one has most of the key points I think you should look him up on Google to see the details on his research

    • faith4life says:

      Sorry for your loss, Courtnee. <3


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