Do You Shop Superstores or Grocery Stores Most, and Why?

Do You Shop Superstores or Grocery Stores Most, and Why? Picture

I have been a huge proponent of grocery store shopping with coupons during sales for many years. I started this type of shopping when pregnant with my youngest, and I did so by following a paid (yes, paid!) subscription-based service that taught me how to find sales, menu plan around them, and use coupons for even more savings.

That said, I had a family of three and now of four to feed, so to me, the extra work was worth the additional time it took. That and I work from home, so I have been lucky in that I can create a schedule that works for me when I also need to get the kids here or there, attend PTA meetings and shop, do laundry, and clean the house.

I know many moms are not as lucky as to be able to juggle schedules. Some work full time and then come home to do all the other things I can squeeze in throughout the day. Others have more children and/or less time than I, and sitting down to coupon clip is time consuming.

My mom and I went to a local big chain superstore this week (you guess the one!) that sells both food and things like underwear, shoes, and electronics. As I grabbed few things I needed from the grocery aisles, my mom told me she had returned to shopping at this superstore in her hometown because it saves her money.

Her thing: She shops and cooks for one; she doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on the coupon sites because she doesn’t need that much food; and she can save money by purchasing generics at a superstore over purchasing generics or store brands at a regular chain supermarket.

Sssshhhh, don't repeat that I told you this, but guess what?

I do believe you can save money at superstores if you don't have time to do the coupon clipping, sales shopping, menu planning type of shopping.

This, of course, is not the stance most die-hard couponers will take. But I have to be realistic when it comes to my life.

I know that when I forget to clip a coupon or I run out of something that I need NOW, it is cheaper for me to go to a superstore and buy a generic version of the product than it is to go to the grocery store and buy it. And although I try to get most of my items on sale and with a coupon, I know it’s not always possible. Life is tough enough juggling work, kids, a house, and all that comes with that! I'm tired by eight at night when I finally get the girls into bed.

Sometimes I just want to stop everything and watch an episode of Revenge!

And I don't want to spend that hour with a pair of scissors in one hand and a packet of coupons in the other.

Plus, I know the convenience of a superstore totally trumps that of the convenience of a grocery store. For instance, yesterday my iron died. I also need canned pumpkin for a recipe I’m making this weekend and I don’t have a coupon NOR is it on sale (that I know of) at my regular grocery store, which is also farther away than the superstore. So guess where I will be tomorrow? Yep! A superstore!

I think in order to save money we, as busy moms, are probably better off being open-minded about where we shop. I think it is important for many of us that we save as much as we can, but I also think in most instances we have to take a more realistic view than those on, say, Extreme Couponing.

While I would like to do all my grocery shopping with coupons during sales, I know I’m just not going to. My life is busy, and I don’t want to spend all of my ‘free' and not-so-free time clipping coupons and perusing sales flyers or websites that tell me where the great deals are.

How about you? Do you shop superstores for savings, or do you primarily stick with the grocery store? Why do you shop the way you do?

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What do you think?

Do You Shop Superstores or Grocery Stores Most, and Why?

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  1. I tend to just go anywhere that’s open lol

  2. Profile photo of DH DH says:

    BJs. Stock up on everything so we dont have to shop for a while other than milk and little things.

  3. Profile photo of vicki vicki says:

    for my everyday needs I love the dollar store!!

  4. Profile photo of lacy lacy says:

    Depends on whats on my list

  5. Profile photo of lacy lacy says:

    It really just depends on my list of things I need. If its mainly groceries I go to the grocery store but if I need to pick up other items, like gifts or underwear, I go to Target 🙂

  6. Profile photo of JariAnne JariAnne says:

    Super store to get everything in one place. Just makes it easier. And less gas to be using.

  7. I shop at both… but I have been going more and more to Costco.

  8. Profile photo of AmyC AmyC says:

    Both. I shop at the grocery store on my own. My friend mostly does the superstore, and I go along to hang out. If I see any good deals on things I need I grab them while I’m there.

  9. Profile photo of Michelle Michelle says:

    I find that going shopping at our grocery store is much cheaper for most things! The superstore here is only a few cents cheaper per item

  10. Profile photo of MiaFuller MiaFuller says:

    Both doesn’t make a difference to me as long as it’s quick lol

  11. Profile photo of alisha alisha says:

    Mostly superstore I like their meat better. I might be paying for the packaging as people say but it looks alot better, smells better, and cooks better; to me.

  12. love to check the prices and see who is more convenient

  13. Profile photo of ChrisS ChrisS says:

    I shop both. Local grocery store can double my coupons plus if there’s a sale I save more. The Superstore, I shop,there too because they also have their own coupon plus the quantity is more. in fact when I do some calculations, I find the superstore is a little cheaper.

  14. Profile photo of ErinF ErinF says:

    I prefer my local grocery store since it’s closer, and its generic brands are usually on par or cheaper than the generics at the local superstores. Plus, if I have a manufacturer coupon under $0.99, it’s doubled. I do keep mental notes of how much certain products are at each store, so if it’s on mega sale at one place, I can stock up. I don’t do extreme couponing either; I don’t find coupons for most things I buy regularly.


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