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Do you love decorating on a dime? I‘m aways looking for ways to make our home more beautiful for very little money.

Decorating with big, bold letter or numbers has been all the rage for a while now in interior design, and making a yarn letter looked easy enough to do. So I made this yarn letter today, and aside from being fun to make, I love how it turned out and serves as a pop of color and an interesting conversation piece on our bookshelf from now on.

You will need these supplies:

  • 1 wooden letter
  • 1 roll of yarn in your preferred material and color
  • scissors
  • glue gun with glue sticks 

Yarn Letter Tutorial:


  1. There are two ways to create this yarn monogram – you could make your own letter out of cardboard, like this blogger did, or pick up a wooden letter for a minimal cost at your local craft store. I chose the letter ‘L' to make a yarn letter for my son Landon.
  2. I liked the white color of it, but you could opt to spray paint the letter any color you like prior to beginning the process of wrapping/covering the letter. 
  3. Secure the start of the yarn with a dot of hot glue and then start wrapping the yarn tightly around the letter. Because my letter wasn't just a simple, straight shape, it was a process of trial and error of how to wrap the yarn around it. I could have secured each row with hot glue on the back, but I ended up liking the criss-crossing of the yarn better, and I didn't mind that some of the white of the letter ended up showing through.
  4. Depending on which letter you cover with yarn, just play around with its shape and decide how you want to wrap the yarn around it.
  5. When you are happy with the result, secure the yarn on the back with hot glue several times during the wrapping, and then at the end.

Initially I had the thought to embellish my finished letter with buttons or other craft supplies, but once I completed the wrapping of my letter, I realized that I liked the simplicity of how it looked and left it without further embellishment.

Some considerations for embellishing or changing up the look of your letter might include:

  • buttons
  • flowers
  • different colored yarn
  • mixing up your wrapping using both yarn and ribbon
  • sanding exposed edges
  • modge podge various pattern papers instead of yarn

I only planned to make one yarn letter that makes a statement on our bookshelf, but you could take this project a step further and make several to spell out a word or a name, or even place some in a shadowbox frame as a larger decor element in your home.

You could hang them with ribbon or hemp fibers instead of leaning them on something as you see I've done here – the sky is the limit in terms of possibilities.

These yarn letters are fun to make, and it's a project that is simple enough that even your kids would be able to create their own without too much guidance – just be certain you're helping them with the glue gun. 

Inspired? Which letter are you planning to turn into a yarn letter, and which color will you use? How would you tweak this design to make it your own?

Images via Dagmar Bleasdale


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DIY Yarn Letter

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  1. I love glitter. I’d add it to the exposed parts. Also have more exposed so it looks purposefully done. though the bit of perfectionist in me would allow it to be naked anywhere.


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