DIY Infinity Scarf Made Out Of a T-Shirt

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I love DIY projects that are stunning but really easy to make, and this infinity scarf made from a simple T-shirt is one of those projects!

It's a conversation starter you can wear all year, and it also makes a unique gift. And aren't handmade gifts always so much more appreciated?

The next time you are in a bind and don't know what to give your girlfriend, mother-in-law, or sister, tackle this simple DIY project! It doesn't take any special skills to make this.

All you need for this cool scarf is a new men's T-shirt without seams – I bought mine for $7 – and some sharp scissors.

The bigger the T-shirt, the longer the scarf. I'd suggest an L or XL size for the best length. I bought a blue one because it goes well with my green eyes. I'd stay away from light colors that might get dirty fast.


How to make an infinity scarf:

1.     Cut the T-shirt from arm pit to arm pit

2.     Cut off the hem and save it for later

3.     Then make 1-inch snip marks along the T-shirt, about 15 in all

4.     Cut the T-shirt into strips, stopping ½ inch before the other side

5.     Now tug on each strand and the T-shirt will curl up

6.     Then gather the T-shirt at the ½ inch part and loop the hem through it, securing it with a double knot

7.     Cut off the extra hem

8.     Voila, you have an infinity scarf!

You could make a few of them in different colors and/or layer different lengths.

I found the tutorial for this scarf on Pink Pistachio. Thanks for the inspiration!

What do you think?

DIY Infinity Scarf Made Out Of a T-Shirt

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  1. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    Cool. Gonna grab a shirt to try this out

  2. Profile photo of thinkobu thinkobu says:

    Going to try this! Wow!

  3. Profile photo of betajuliet betajuliet says:

    Cute! So trying this!

  4. I don’t think I could pull this off =[

  5. Profile photo of Debra Debra says:

    i’m definitely going to have to try this!


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