Did Katie Holmes Divorce Tom Cruise Over Scientology?

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With all the reports on Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s divorce taking over every gossip headline, there is one theme that seems present in every article, Scientology. Tom has been a large proponent of Scientology and in the beginning of their marriage it seemed as if Katie also embraced the religion. In a June 2005 article Katie confirmed she was converting and Tom says “Yeah, absolutely. She digs it.” when asked about her conversion. After the interview with W magazine, news of the odd interview leaked. Apparently, Holmes was chaperoned by a Scientology representative who fed her lines and approved everything she said. In this interview Holmes gushed about Tom and said that the reports that she was being controlled were unfounded, saying, “That's really ludicrous because, I mean, you have to know Tom. He is the most loving, generous man who… first of all, he wants to help people. He doesn't put pressure on people. He is the kindest, smartest, most adoring man. It's a pleasure and a privilege to be with him.”

Holmes, who grew up Catholic, recently gave the proverbial middle finger to The Church of Scientology by formally registering as a parishioner of the Church of St. Francis Xavier in New York City. So this leads to the question: Was Scientology a big sticking point in their marriage? Sources close to Holmes say she realized she didn’t want her daughter brought up in the religion and the church was one of the main reasons for the divorce.

Religion can cause huge issues in a marriage, especially when both parties go into parenting agreeing on raising a child a certain way and in a particular religion and then one spouse decides that religion is no longer right for them. This issue is something I have often thought about and weighed heavily in my mind. As I have mentioned on my blog before, I grew up Mormon and married a Mormon man in the Temple, a sacred house of the Lord. The first six years of our marriage we both faithfully attended and raised our then two children in the church. In 2010 after the Prop 8 debacle I began to really question my faith and was ready to leave. In all honesty I was terrified to broach the subject with my husband, I had agreed to raise my children in the church and was scared that if I admitted my doubts, my marriage would soon fall apart. Luckily after some frank conversations with my loving husband we both reached the same conclusions and decided to leave the church. I often wonder though how my life would be different today if he had wanted to remain an active participant.

Would you leave your spouse over a religious difference?

What do you think?

Did Katie Holmes Divorce Tom Cruise Over Scientology?

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  2. Profile photo of Dee Dee says:

    My husband and I divorced over religious issues: he thought he was God and I disagreed.

  3. Profile photo of A A says:

    I converted when I married to join my husband’s religion. My parents were different religions, and my husband and my father are the same religion; it was no big deal and I already, essentially, practiced it. Now that we have a child, it makes things easier. Having said that, I think you raise a good question that goes beyond religion: What if you have a completely different stand on some/any moral question/ethical question that shapes how you raise your children? It doesn’t have to be religious, but that’s definitely where something like that happens. Great Question, and I hope I don’t have to worry about it. The closest it has happened for me was before we had our son and I decided to become a (fish-eating) vegetarian. My husband did not join in… at first. After about a year, he did. Why? He says he had a different view of food and then realized he could live his life as a vegetarian. Now that my son is here, I realize that it helps avoid a lot of problems as far as raising him a (fish-eating) vegetarian since we are both following that same path.

  4. Profile photo of Roberta Roberta says:

    To the one that is going to let their children decide….got to give them something to choose from…perhaps visiting each of your former churches, or letting them go with grandparents so they have an idea….at least give them a foundation. I haven’t a clue about Tom and Katie, only they know, however the saying is true: " If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything."

  5. We have the same ideas about religion. I don’t think I’d be with someone who didn’t agree with my choice of religion. That being said, if something changed with either of us and we didn’t change together, I might leave. I also believe in letting the children make up their own minds about religion.

  6. Profile photo of marylove marylove says:

    No I wouldn’t! We both come from different religious backgrounds and agreed to let our kids make up their own minds when they were old enough. Neither on of us actually goes to church but their grandparents do. My husband doesn’t agree with the religion he grew up with and we are both open to other religions. I have studied many other religions and still have yet to find one that I agree with totally. I want to keep the lines of communication open about religion and don’t want my kids to feel forced into any one religion like my husband and I felt we were.


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