Developmental Domains

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Get smart when it comes to your child.

Today's lesson: developmental domains. 

Sounds pretty fancy, eh? Not only fancy, but spectacular as the developmental domains describe six areas of personal and cognitive (thinking skills) development that children need to obtain, hopefully by the time they enter kindergarten (usually around the age of 5 years).

Get smart about developmental domains…Here. We. Go….

Affective: the ability to manage emotions, develop personal views, and ethical competence (knowing right from wrong).

Social: the ability to initiate and maintain relationships; to interact with others through play and relate appropriately to others, including adults.

Creative: to be able to act in ways that are new and original, to think and communicate.

Cognitive: the ability to gain, store, and retrieve information.

Language: the ability to communicate through a multitude of ways: listening, speaking, reading, writing, etc.

Physical: developing gross (large) and small (fine) muscle control and sensory awareness (how things touch/feel/taste/smell/sound).

Knowing and understanding development is the foundation we all need in order to support our little ones in their most important jobs – to learn, grow, and play everyday.

Now that you know about these domains, how are you supporting your child's growth and development in these areas?

What domains do you see them shine in when they are participating?

What domains do they need more support in?


What do you think?

Developmental Domains

Jeannie Fleming-Gifford is a mama to one little lady, freelance writer, and the director of education for a non-profit community school of the arts. Graduating with a B.A. in Music and a M.A. in Child Development, Jeannie began her career in quality child development programs as a teacher, then moved into creative administrative roles with science centers, symphony orchestras and arts programs. Owner of 170+ year old house, Jeannie loves living in small town America where walks to the park and ... More

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