Devastating Oklahoma Tornado Brings Poignant Reminder

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Yesterday, a huge tornado ripped through Moore, Oklahoma killing 24 people; 9 of those dead are children who were in school when the tornado ripped them out of this world. Hospitals reported roughly 237 injured; roughly 70 of those victims being children. The total is expected to rise.

The tornado did not discriminate. It tore through Oklahoma leveling everything in its path, including two elementary schools. Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore was reduced to a pile of rubble as seen above, leaving dozens of children trapped. Rescue workers were able to pull several children from the disaster, but late last night crews were still frantically struggling to cut through fallen beams and debris to free dozens of students who are still believed to be underneath it all.  At Briarwood Elementary School in Oklahoma City, cars were thrown through the walls and the roof was torn off.

Natural disasters have no consideration for whom they effect; whether it be a child who is loved and cherished more than life itself by its parent or a light pole. Like many other tragedies that have recently afflicted the children of our country, it was unexpected. Yesterday morning, hundreds of parents sent their hearts walking around outside of their bodies to school. They got their sweet babies ready, fed them breakfast, kissed them goodbye at drop off and had every intention of tucking them into bed safe and sound last night. For some of those parents, their worst nightmare came true last night.

As a mother, these sorts of tragedies serve to remind me just how precious my children are and how fleeting life can be. The events of yesterday were a poignant reminder to enjoy every moment that you can with those that you love because you never know when they will be gone. Life is much too short to spend it stressed out over the little things like spills, toys on the floor and imperfection. Embrace the chaos and know that even when your house is dirty and your children are overtired and acting insane, your heart is full because you have these little people to love. As terrible as disaster is, it reminds us, for a little while, how very precious those we love are and how very blessed we are to have them in our arms and in our lives. 

Please send good thoughts and prayers for those mothers and fathers in Oklahoma whose arms are empty and hearts are heavy; they have lost everything. Hug your own children a little tighter because you can. 

Our hearts are with the people of Moore and all of Oklahoma at this heartbreaking time. 

Photos via Flickr/ Oklahoma National Guard


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Devastating Oklahoma Tornado Brings Poignant Reminder

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