Designated Parking for Pregnant Women? City Government Strikes Down Bill for Second Time

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Let's talk about some first-world problems for a second — specifically how ridiculous it can be trying to find a decent parking space. During a typical day, finding a spot that is closer to the front of the lot than it is to the back of the lot is pretty hit and miss. And what we typically do on those typical days is drive around and around and around until a parking spot has freed up or until we have given up hope and then park anywhere we can.

What makes it worse is that you more than likely would have made it into the store faster than getting a closer parking spot if you would have just taken the first one you saw and then walked.

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Do pregnant women practice the same parking-lot insanity? I honestly couldn't tell you, but I would imagine that they wouldn't be opposed to having their own designated spot just for them.

David Greenfield and Donovan Richards, two New York City council members, are putting forward “a bill that would grant special parking permits to moms-to-be suffering from tough pregnancy complications hindering their mobility,” according to an article from Yahoo Parenting. This isn't a new or novel idea by any means. In fact, the Barnes and Noble that I typically go to has “stork parking,” if you will. 

And, personally, I'm totally OK with that. 

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“Women in this situation deserve the courtesy of a permit allowing them to park closer to their destination, as long as they are medically qualified,” Richards said in an interview with DNAinfo. But what exactly does “medically qualified” mean? Does it mean that you just have to be pregnant, or does it mean that there needs to “suffering from tough pregnancy complications”? And how do you even define that?

Well, definitions aside, this bill is going absolutely nowhere. The law is being blocked by people that you wouldn't expect.

Other women.

The National Organization for Women (NOW) is putting up stiff opposition because they want to avoid the stigma that pregnancy is a disability. If disabled people get special parking privileges and then they pass a law that would give special parking privileges to pregnant women, then the NOW says that people would lump pregnant women with the disabled people.

When the bill was originally introduced by Greenfield and Richards in 2011, Sonia Ossorio, president of the New York City chapter of NOW, said this: “A lot of bosses just don't think [pregnant women] will be as dedicated, that [they're] as nimble or fast, mentally or physically. You see women's career paths completely take a wrong turn as a result of getting pregnant and becoming mothers.”

Uhhhh …

I'm actually not sure who should be more offended. The disabled people have a right to be offended because they're being treated negatively (again), and the pregnant women have a right to be offended because they aren't disabled — they're doing what women's bodies were built to do. 

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What do you think? Are you for or against the pregnant-women parking passes?

What do you think?

Designated Parking for Pregnant Women? City Government Strikes Down Bill for Second Time

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