Delivery Room Extras Make a Memorable Time Even Better

It’s almost time for the baby to be born, and you have everything ready for the hospital stay. Bags are packed, the gear is set, and there’s nothing left to do but wait. Yes, the hospital visit can be a memorable time on its own, but there are a few hospital bag extras you can pack to make it even more fun. With a little extra effort, you can help make the time you spend at the hospital super special for everyone involved.

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I want candy – Cigars are old school. Instead, fill a party-size bowl with gobs of wrapped candies – think Hershey’s Kisses, Twix bars, Skittles and anything you loved at Halloween. Then add a sign that simply reads, “Have a treat from a baby so sweet.” Encourage all visitors to indulge and celebrate alongside you, while especially welcoming those fine doctors, nurses, and midwives to eat up as well. Everyone loves a treat during the day, especially the new parents.

Sign a onesie – Place a plain, blank onesie on the table with a permanent marker. Have all of your visitors sign the onesie with their name and/or a cute note of congrats. You can then take a photo of your baby in the onesie when you send out birth announcements, or simply pack it away as a keepsake. Either way, it will be wonderfully memorable.

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Gifts for siblings – If you already have some kids in the nest, pre-buy and wrap some small gifts or toys that are from “the new baby” to “them.” Not only will the kids love the attention they’re getting amid the hoopla from a new addition, it’ll also keep their curious minds preoccupied from wreaking havoc in a hospital room with a lot of shiny and expensive equipment.

Gift for wife – Why wait to buy overpriced flowers at the gift shop or having to scramble around town for a flower shop at an odd hour? With a little advanced planning, you can sneak a thoughtful gift right now in your hospital bag. The gift doesn’t need to be anything extravagant or expensive. Maybe you loved playing Scrabble while dating, or your spouse loves to read. No matter the case, be prepared with something that shows how much this moment means to you.

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Dinner for two, er three – Granted, hospital food nowadays can be pretty good, but you could always make arrangements for your spouse’s favorite meal. Have a menu handy so you can order it yourself and have it delivered straight to the room. The food will taste even better when the heavy work is done and everyone is resting comfortably.

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Delivery Room Extras Make a Memorable Time Even Better

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