Deals and Discounts for Twins, Triplets, or More

We’ve all heard the statistics on the costs of raising a child. When you head to the ultrasound and find out that your child turns out to be your children, with two, three, or more babies on the way, those costs take an even bigger leap.  Luckily, there are ways to keep costs down – even when you are expecting twins, triplets, or more. I know what the fear of “How are we going to do this?” feels like. We multiple moms have to stick together, so here are some tips for dealing with the costs of raising multiples. 


First up – companies out there want to help you. At least in part because they want you to keep buying stuff from them for your multiple children, but hey – we’ll take it, right? There are many lists out there of companies who are willing to send coupons, free samples, or other items if you contact them with proof of your multiple birth. Here is one. Here is another. Oh, and if you don’t think you can get anything worthwhile from this, check this story out. A few years ago, if you lived in the UK, gave birth to quintuplets, and needed a new ride, Kia was willing to give you a FREE CAR! Seriously – buy the stamps, send the letters!

When you’re shopping in the stores, there are also discounts to be had. Some of the larger baby superstores will discount your order when you are purchasing two or more of the same item, which is great for big ticket items like car seats and cribs. Of course, you can create your own discount by NOT buying double of everything. Some items – car seats are one – obviously can’t be shared between multiples. Others are even better if shared. Instead of two jumpers, get one and take turns, or buy one jumper and one playmat. The variety will help keep them entertained – always a plus!

Next in line – friends want to help you. There are a select few who will be willing to dive into the diaper-changing, vomit-cleaning, endless-rocking trenches (and they are keepers for sure) but even among the queasy, most of them are happy to offer up the baby stuff they are no longer using. Your babies won’t care at all that their car seats aren’t matching or that their swing was made in 2002. Accepting gently used hand-me-downs means less money spent on those time-sensitive supplies that come with a big price tag and a tiny window of usefulness. Most of the time all you have to do is let people know you are interested in gathering stuff they aren’t using and they’ll happily load you up!

Another group ready to help – other parents of multiples! Visit the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs to look for a group near you. You’ll be connected with parents who have been there and done that. They can help you determine what you really need, and the best places to get it. Often members are looking to sell their gently used items to other parents in need. Consignment sales for gear and clothing can offer you great deals on baby needs. My own club even offers a swap table at our monthly meetings, where you can bring in clothing or toys you are no longer using or take items that other members are finished using. It’s a win-win!

And – of course – EverydayFamily wants to help! We’ve got friends in the baby world, and we partner with great brands to offer discounts on baby needs to our members. Simply fill out the information HERE and if you’re a match for our specially selected partners you’ll be getting coupons and freebies from some of the best brands around.

If you have your own tips to share please leave them in the comments – we'd love to hear from you! 

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Deals and Discounts for Twins, Triplets, or More

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