Is There Danger In Spacing Out Your Baby’s Vaccines?

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There is perhaps not more hot button topic in parenting than the debate around vaccines. Most parents understand that importance of keeping their baby up to date on shots. But some parents worry that vaccinating their little one could lead to negative health consequences. 

The concern around vaccines originated when a doctor (who has since lost his license) published a study with falsified data claiming a link between vaccines and autism. That study (and other claims of vaccine injury) have since been debunked. But some parents still fear vaccinating their children. It can be tough to make decisions about your child’s health with so much conflicting information on the internet. But the science is clear that vaccines are overwhelmingly good. They prevent dangerous diseases from spreading and keep communities healthy and safe. They’re also well researched and safe for almost all babies. 

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The Centers for Disease Control, a government agency tasked with keeping Americans safe and helping curb the spread of illness, recommends that babies receive vaccines to protect against 14 dangerous childhood diseases. Most parents follow the recommended vaccine schedule. Some parents opt out totally (which has led to an increased incidence of disease breakouts). And now, some are requesting that doctors “space out” their children’s shots. Parents who request vaccine spacing are often under the assumption that “more is bad” when it comes to vaccines. 

A recent Washington Post article shed light on the fact that, while kids today get more shots than in the past, the shots they get are far more precise and carry far less bacterial and viral material than those given in past generations. Doctors speculate that parents believe that their kids are safer when they space out shots. But, in reality, parents are simply leaving their child unprotected for longer, thus upping their chance of contracting a dangerous illness. Doctors also point out that kids are more stressed by getting shots on several occasions than they are by getting several shots at once. 

If you’re considering spacing out or delaying your child’s vaccines doctors recommend that you reconsider. Getting your child all of the recommended shots on the recommended timeline gives you the best chance to keep them happy, healthy, and growing strong! 

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Have you spoken with your doctor about vaccine schedules? 

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Is There Danger In Spacing Out Your Baby’s Vaccines?

Julia Pelly has a master's degree in public health and works full time in the field of positive youth development. Julia loves hiking after work, swimming during the summer and taking long, cuddly afternoon naps with her two sons on the weekends. She is writing a memoir on pregnancy, motherhood, and sisterhood and lives in North Carolina, with her husband and two young boys. ... More

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