Dads Look Different Now. This Book, DADLY Dads, Offers Proof

The family dynamic is much different nowadays, but perception is still playing catch-up with reality. While it’s true that dads may not be portrayed as bumbling and incompetent as they once were, they’re still largely ignored by entertainment, media, and marketing firms (check out the Twitter bio for Rice Krispies, for example).

Two dads on opposite ends of America are hoping to dispel those ugly myths and stereotypes which prevent dads from being treated as parental equals. Friends Hogan Hilling and Austin Dowd have unveiled a groundbreaking, new coffee table book which portrays dads in a new light. 

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DADLY Dads: Parents of the 21st Century is designed to showcase the good nature, wisdom, and value of fathers as parents. The book’s compelling photos and content are already inspiring conversation using refreshing, positive images of 21st-century fathers as responsible, competent, active, and nurturing parents.

“DADLY Dads is a friendly invitation to embrace a view of dads from a different lens than the one of our culture and media,” said Hilling. “Often we see a constant portrayal of dad as an incompetent, bumbling parent who is not as trustworthy as a mom and could never raise a child or be the primary caregiver as good as a mom. None of that is true.”

Published by Motivational Press, the book is loaded with photos of 115 worldwide dads of various family dynamics. The idea came about when Hilling (Crestline, Calif.) and Dowd (Raleigh, N.C.) met at a dads convention and discussed the idea about shooting environmental portraits of dads.

“I loved the idea,” said Hilling. “I suggested adding a form with questions for dads to answer and allow for more photos of dads with their kids. The result was pure gold with dads opening up and sharing intimate facets of fatherhood.”

Hilling is an author of ten published books, creator of the DADLY Brand and book series, and founder of United We Parent. Hilling has also appeared on “Oprah.” Dowd is a freelance photographer, co-founder of the Triangle Stay-At-Home Dads in North Carolina and board member for the National At-Home Dad Network. 

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The book is the first of its kind in the industry, and both trust it offers a groundbreaking new image of dads.

“Austin and I hope and believe that readers will come to the same conclusion we have about the true state of fatherhood — that the responsible, active, nurturing caring, loving, dedicated dads far outnumbers the irresponsible, absent dads,” Hilling said. “And more importantly, that fatherhood is alive in well all over the world.”

DADLY Dads is available through Motivational Press and national retailers.

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Dads Look Different Now. This Book, DADLY Dads, Offers Proof

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