Dad Shares Terrifying Story of How the Owlet Monitor Saved His Baby’s Life

Have you ever thought about investing in a wearable baby monitor, like the popular sock Owlet monitor? If so, this may be a story that might just convince you to buy one ASAP. Shared by new dad  Ryan Nicholas Golinski on the Love What Matters Facebook page, this story highlights how one family used the monitor to save their newborn son's life in a very unexpected way. 

The post Golinksi wrote described how he and his wife, Kate, had invested $300 into purchasing the Owlet Smart Sock for their new son to wear at home after he was discharged from the hospital. If you aren't familiar with the Owlet monitor, it's a baby monitor that a baby wears on their body, on their foot like a sock, that monitors a baby's oxygen rate just like a hospital oxygen monitor.

Because newborn babies breathe irregularly normally (watch your baby breathe and you'll see what I'm talking about), some monitors that monitor your baby's movement can sound false alarms, but the Owlet specifically monitors your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels instead of relying on movement. The Owlet was actually designed by doctors and pulmonologists, so it's specifically designed to avoid giving parents false alarms. (Think about it: if you buy a monitor, but it's constantly going off for false alarms, you're more apt to ignore a true emergency). 

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And if you're skeptical about whether or not the thing works, just read Golinksi's account of what happened with his baby's Owlet monitor.

“Very scary night last night. Kate and I invested $300 into something called the Owlet Smart Sock, which monitors the babies oxygen levels and heart rate while he was sleeping. It helps prevent SIDS. So last night around 3 A.M. the sock started alarming us something was wrong, which we thought was a false alarm because it said his heart rate was reading 286. But three resets later and it was still reading extremely high for an infant. We have spent the last 24+ hours at the hospital for something called SVT, and we caught it before any side effects. So everything is going well now and his heart is still extremely healthy. If we didn't catch it as early as we did with that sock, his heart wouldn't have been able to handle it and we could be dealing with something a lot more serious. I highly recommend new parents invest into this sock, it's well worth the money.”

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Image via Facebook/ Love What Matters

I have to admit that I have never used an Owlet monitor on any of my babies, simply because the technology wasn't around back then. But this is a story that definitely made me take pause and reconsider if it's a product that should be on every parent's “must-have” list for their baby. After all, as an Owlet rep (and mom) noted when I talked to her, car seats used to be a novelty safety product too, so maybe the “trend' of wearable baby monitors will not be a “trend” for very long. 

At the very least, a monitor could provide some peace of mind for new parents to finally get some sleep when their baby starts sleeping. I well remember the days of finally getting the baby to sleep, only to not be able to go to sleep myself out of fear that something would go wrong and I would miss it. It would a little easier to sleep knowing that should a tragedy strike, you will be notified via an alarm on both the home base of the monitor and your phone. 

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I think the key is definitely finding an alarm that won't give you false alarms–even in this case, the parents assumed it was a false alarm or malfunction at first–so you can be sure something is a true emergency and seek help when necessary. 

What do you think? Would you buy a wearable baby monitor? 

What do you think?

Dad Shares Terrifying Story of How the Owlet Monitor Saved His Baby’s Life

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