15 Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

There is nothing wrong with the using the traditional dunk-and-dye method of dying Easter eggs with tablets from the store, but check out these fun ideas for mixing things up and letting your child's creativity shine. Be sure to hard boil and cool your eggs first!

Shaving Cream Easter Eggs:  Your toddler may have already made shaving cream paintings and the same technique can be applied to Easter eggs as well.  This very simple technique makes beautifully marbled Easter eggs. All you need is some shaving cream and paint. Squirt a bunch of shaving cream on a plate, add in few drops of paint in one or more colors, mix, then roll your egg in the mixture. Let the egg dry for a few minutes then wipe off the excess shaving cream. To make edible eggs, use whipped cream and food dye instead.  

Natural Dye Easter Eggs:  Skip the store-bought dyes and use Easter egg dying as an opportunity to infuse a little science and creativity into the process. Check out these easy recipes to make natural dyes. All you need is one cup of water, one tablespoon of white vinegar, plus whatever you need to achieve the color you are going after. This could include turmeric for yellow, red zinger tea for lavender, onion skins for orange, and beets for pink. 


Rice Dyed Eggs: This way of dying eggs is so simple and creates beautiful results. Just put some rice in a bag, add enough food coloring to dye the rice, put in your egg, and shake gently.  The result is beautifully speckled eggs!

Watercolor Eggs:  Watercolor gives eggs a beautiful pastel look without the dangers of staining presented by a store-bought dye. Use paint brushes or for a different look buy an inexpensive electric toothbrush and use the toothbrush to create a pretty pattern.  

Eggmazing:  The Eggmazing Egg Decorator is a Shark Tank find that does not involve any messy dyes or unpleasant smells.  This battery-operated decorator comes with 8 colorful markers to design the most artistic eggs for the annual backyard hunt. Simply touch the markers to the spinning egg to easily and quickly create gorgeous eggs.  No mess is a no brainer!

Monster Eggs:  No, these eggs aren't huge, but they are extra cute. Dye eggs as usual, wait for them to dry, then decorate with googly-eyes and other fun stickers. For advanced monsters, attach pipe cleaners for arms and legs.  

Tie-Dye Eggs:  This method is fun because each egg is wrapped up and its appearance is only revealed when unwrapped. To make tie-dye eggs, wrap your egg in a paper towel and secure with a rubber band at the top. Put several drops of food dye on the paper towel (make sure to leave a little space between each dot). Take a spray bottle, spray the paper towel, and let the colors run together. Put the egg — still wrapped — down to dry. Once the paper towel has dried, unwrap your egg to reveal your uniquely dyed egg. This method can get a little messy, but it's really fun! 


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Stripey Eggs:  This method is pretty close to the traditional dunk-and-dye method, but with a twist thanks to a piece of string.  Before dunking your eggs, wrap the string around your eggs in any pattern you like. Allow the eggs to dry before removing the string.  For more colorful eggs, dunk eggs once, put on your string, then dunk again. With this variation, your stripes will be a lighter shade than the rest the egg instead of white. Rubber bands in various widths can also be used.

Geometric Patterned Eggs:  This method is the same as the stripey method, but using tape instead of string.  Cut tape into any pattern you wish, dunk, and dry.

Sparkly Eggs:  Make any dyed egg sparkly with one extra step! After your eggs are dyed, mix glue with glitter, then paint the glitter on in a thin layer. The glue will dry clear, leaving behind beautiful sparkle!  

Volcano Eggs:  If you have ever made a volcano with baking soda and vinegar you have the basic tools to make these eggs. Make a paint paste using about a tablespoon of baking soda and a teaspoon or two of water, plus a couple of drops of food coloring. Paint the paste onto your eggs. To make the color more vibrant you can add a few extra drops of food coloring on top of your eggs.  Then, pour some vinegar on top of your egg and watch the colorful explosion. Air dry your eggs and watch a new pattern appear every time.  

Painted Eggs:  To give your eggs a little pizzazz, add a little paint after they have been dyed. Hand kids a paintbrush and let them make dots, splatter patterns, or paint anything their heart desires on their eggs. Using puffy paint or glitter glue will result in some fun designs.  

Resist Sticker Eggs:  Place stickers with various shapes (circles, hearts, etc.) onto the egg. Dye the egg, then once the dye is dry remove the stickers to reveal the shape underneath.  Older kids can use the same method with a hot glue gun by making patterns with glue, letting the glue dry, dunking, then very gently pulling off the glue.  

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What is your favorite way to dye Easter Eggs?

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15 Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

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