These Cookie Dough Shops are Every Kid (and Mom’s) Dream Come True

So I have a confession. Whenever I make cookies with my kids, I always, always let them eat the dough. It might be because I myself love to eat it. Or because my husband grew up on a pretty steady diet of raw cookie dough himself. Or maybe just because we're bad parents. But whatever the case may be, we totally let our kids eat raw dough when we're making cookies. 

That is not to say that I don't occasionally panic and freak out about letting them eat raw cookie dough. Because I do. I mean, I'd feel terrible if they actually got sick from it, but so far, so good. So I guess I'll just keep dishing out tiny bits of dough and hoping for the best. 

Unless I happen to visit one of these dream shops that sell — you guessed it — edible cookie dough that is also totally safe and salmonella risk-free. Cookie dough bars are the stuff of every kid, mom, and pregnant woman's dreams. And hopefully, they are here to stay.  

The trend started in New York, with the trendy cookie dough cafe called . It was featured all over the news and become so insanely popular that the shop actually had to put up an official “line and closing policy” on its website. “Our line typically starts forming well in advance of opening,” the site warns potential customers. “We open at 10 am. Expect to stand in line for 1- 4 hours, depending on the day/time.”

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Holy smokes, people take this business seriously. Other cookie dough shops have started to pop up around the country in what I can only imagine will become a huge trend. One new cookie dough shop in Atlanta, for example, called Do-Lish Bakery, doesn't even have a website, but it was so popular it sold out in only a few hours after its grand opening. 

All edible cookie dough, including the ones that these shops are selling, pull off their magic by having heat-treated flour and no eggs. Raw eggs are what make raw dough risky to eat in the first place. The raw eggs can carry salmonella, so no eggs = no dangerous diseases. Yay!

And of course, if you can't spring for a cross-country trip for this treat just now (cue kids whining, “but Moooom!”), you're in luck, because you can order up some fresh, ready-to-eat gourmet cookie dough right online from the Cookie Dough Cafe, which boosts flavors such as confetti, chocolate chip, and monster dough. 

So, do you take your chances with the real stuff or are you excited to have a chance at some risk-free cookie dough? 

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These Cookie Dough Shops are Every Kid (and Mom’s) Dream Come True

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