It’s Cold! Check Out These Awesome Winter Accessories

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, which means we have a longer winter ahead of us. Much of the country is about to enter the coldest and snowiest part of the year. Be prepared. Check out this list of some of the best winter accessories available to help keep you and your little one cozy.

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Stroller Skis:  This is my tenth winter with a stroller and I know first-hand that many “all-terrain” strollers are anything but once the snow and ice hits. A new option? A stroller with skis!  The Cybex Priam has an optional ski attachment that replaces the front wheels of the stroller when needed to turn your stroller into a mini snowmobile when all of the other strollers are stuck.

Hand Muff: When out strolling with a baby, it's hard to keep your hands warm. Put your gloves on one minute and take them off to tend to your baby the next. Try a hand muff that attaches to the handlebar of your stroller to keep your hands warm while out and about. This version even has a see-through window for your phone so you don't need to miss a beat when your BFF texts or calls.   Definitely one of my favorite winter accessories!

Stroller Sleeping Bag: One of the must-have winter accessories for any little one in a cold climate is a sleeping bag for a stroller. I'm partial to this Stroll & Go Three Season Footmuff that has one layer for fall or spring then another layer that can be added for winter. The detachable winter layer is easy to remove when you head indoors and it gets warmer. Bonus features: there is also a hood and pocket with rings to attach toys. 

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Car Seat Cover: If you have an infant, a cover for her car seat is a must. A Cozy Cover protects your baby from the elements even without a coat. The dual zippers make it easy to get your baby in and out and to unzip your baby when you go indoors.

No-Slip Mittens: Keeping little hands warm is essential, but it's hard to keep mittens on small hands.  Mittyz are the answer. With a buckle to keep mittens on you don't have to worry about your little one losing them. As a bonus, these mittens have no pesky thumb to deal with and go over your little one's coat sleeves to keep out snow. 

Baby Carrier: One of the best ways to stay warm? A baby carrier that keeps your little one close. The Yema comes in super-stylish designs and is also one of the most comfortable options around.  When the temperatures drop, I know that keeping my baby close is a sure fire way for us both to stay warm. Make your own babywearing coat, get one these cute ones from Junah, or simply wear your coat as normal and put your baby in his! 

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It’s Cold! Check Out These Awesome Winter Accessories

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