Claim Your Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit!

We love to share favorite products and special offerings with our audience. We are sharing this post with you thanks to our partnership with Target.

Target + a free baby Welcome Kit (full of coupons and handpicked samples (a $50 value)), might just be the next peanut butter + jelly. 

Ah, Target. Everyone loves a good bargain, and there is no prettier, shinier place to find low prices on basically everything than Target. You can buy just about anything from Target, from home décor to toilet paper, from foods to satisfy your pregnancy cravings to leggings and everything in between. Especially for on-a-budget, expecting (like myself), and new parents, Target is the place to get the things you want for the price you want. 

For expecting parents, Target has sweetened the deal even more and is now offering a free baby Welcome Kit just because they love you and your growing family, and want to gift you when you create your baby registry with them.

Check out all the great stuff that came in our gift: 

target baby welcome kit

One of the most exciting moments for any new mom-to-be is putting together your baby registry. Dreaming up baby's beautiful nursery and picturing your perfect new bundle in all of those teeny tiny baby clothes truly helps to get you through the not-so-glamorous moments of pregnancy. And Target makes it so easy and fun to create and manage your registry. 

It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Just follow these three easy steps to start your Baby Registry and claim your free baby Welcome Kit:

  1. Create your registry
You'll be asked whether or not you have an existing Target account, if you do sign on in and if not, it's super easy to fill in your info. Then, fill in your info to get your Baby Registry started!
2. Start adding items to your Baby Registry
Like everything Target, their Baby Registry is super intuitive and easy to use. You can use their checklist to walk you through everything you could possibly need for baby, adding things along the way or checking things off if you've scored a couple hand-me-down items here and there. Or, if you're like me and are on baby #2 (wish me luck!) so you don't need a whole lot of new items. 
3. Head into your local Target to claim your free baby Welcome Kit
Not sure where the closest Target is? Use Target's ‘Find a Store' feature, right on their website. 
In case this wasn't enough wonderful, Target also gives you a bonus 15% off coupon to help with any items your loved ones may have missed!

Some bonus Target Baby Registry features I really appreciate: 

  • Group Gifting: This is a super cool feature I've never seen before! Some baby gear is real pricey, there's just no way around it. Luckily all those big ticket items will no longer be left for you to purchase because guests can now easily split the cost and go in on those larger items together!
  • Universal Registry: Allows you to add to your registry the rare item you can't find at Target. Like that personalized sterling silver baby rattle you've always dreamed of … or something.
  • Gift Tracking: Your generous baby shower hostess will no longer need to diligently record all of the gifts you've received at your shower – because Target will handle all of that for you. Oh, and you can even send thank you's and track those too. Handled.
  • Registry App: IMO, one of the most fun things about creating your Baby Registry with Target rather than an online-only company is that you can actually go into their shiny, lovely store and check out all of the baby gear in person. With Target's Registry App you can have fun scanning barcodes and easily manage your registry in one handle place.
  • Checklist: There are so many baby gear lists out there, we have a few ourselves! Target makes it easy on you (yet again) and helps you get a jumpstart on your registry with their comprehensive checklist. 
  • Personalize Your Page: Target allows you to truly make your registry your own by adding photos and setting a custom URL.

There you go! Have so much fun creating your Target Baby Registry, and enjoy your free baby Welcome Kit!


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Claim Your Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit!

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