Chicago Teachers Still on Strike!!

Chicago Teachers Still on Strike!! Picture

The teachers strike in Chicago is entering its second week! Even though 350,000 students are kept out of school and working parents are left to find alternate plans for their children, the Chicago Teachers Union members are still saying they need more time.

According to this article, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has “told city attorneys to seek a court order forcing Chicago Teachers Union members back into the classroom.”

Emanuel says this strike is illegal “because it endangers the health and safety of students and concerned issues – evaluations, layoff and recall rights – that state law says cannot be grounds for a work stoppage.”

In a written statement, Emanuel said, “This was a strike of choice and is now a delay of choice that is wrong for our children.”

Some may argue that the teachers have valid reasons to strike, which include wanting annual salary increases that are not based off of student performance, giving laid-off teachers “first dibs” on any open jobs within the district, and addressing the lack of books and supplies.

Others, however, who feel that the Union has taken this too far, have pointed out that if they gave laid-off teachers first dibs on open jobs it “would keep principals from hiring the teachers they think are most qualified.”

And did you know that Chicago teachers are already highly paid, more so than many other states, "with an average salary of $76,000"? 

What do you think? Are the teachers justified, or do they need to get back in the classrooms and start teaching?

What do you think?

Chicago Teachers Still on Strike!!

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  1. Profile photo of ErinF ErinF says:

    I think it’s fair to demand increased payment for increased working hours. It’s also fair to object to the closing of 100-200 schools, laying off 6000 teachers and leaving the remaining teachers with unreasonably large class sizes. It’s always a rough situation with things like this, but in the long term, conditions that are detrimental to teaching also negatively impact the students.


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