Pumping Got You Down? Check Out These Pumping Tips to Power Through

Most breastfeeding mothers have used a breast pump at one point or another. Whether you’re pumping to provide milk for your baby while you’re not at home, exclusively pumping for a baby that doesn’t transfer milk well, or simply trying to build a freezer stash, the whir-whir-whir of a pump is likely a familiar sound. While pumping has its benefits, it can also be seriously exhausting, frustrating, and uncomfortable. Have you got the pumping blues? Are you starting to wonder if it’s time to hang up your pump? Check out the pumping tips below to get through the slump.

pumping tips
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  1. Remember why you’re doing it

If it weren’t for the serious love you feel for your baby, you wouldn’t be pumping. When you’re tired and frustrated, take a minute to remember that your pumping allows your baby to consume the perfect meal. By giving them breast milk you’re providing optimal nutrition, liquid comfort, and a bright future. And that’s worth powering through for!

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  1. Lean on your support people

Whether you’ve got a friend who’s pumping at the same time as you, a supportive partner or a Facebook group full of pumping mamas, leaning on your support people can be invaluable. Ask for advice, share tips and don’t be afraid to vent. Trust me, if you’re feeling a certain way, you can be sure another mom out there has felt the same way at some point.

  1. Visit an expert

Are you feeling down about pumping due to pain, discomfort, or unease about whether your baby is getting enough? Consider taking a trip to a lactation consultant. A lactation consultant can help you address any issues you might be having and make a plan to ensure you meet your goals.

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  1. Keep your goal in mind

Perhaps when you started pumping you set a goal around how long you want to provide your baby with breast milk. Each day that you pump, you get a day closer to meeting your goal. As you mark another day down on the calendar, don’t be afraid to celebrate how far you’ve come!

Do you have any pumping tips to help other power through? Share in the comments!


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Pumping Got You Down? Check Out These Pumping Tips to Power Through

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