Celebrities Cashing In on Babies

jessica simpson

With the rumors continuing to swirl regarding Jessica Simpson's growing midsection, there are some reports that she is shopping the rights to the announcement and first baby photos. It is nothing new to get paid by magazines for exclusive rights to pictures of a wedding or new bundle of joy, but I think her situation is a little different. She has not confirmed her pregnancy as of October 26th, but unless she has a large tumor, her stomach has grown to a round bump that surely means a baby is coming. Why would she not confirm; do you think she is waiting for someone willing to pay several thousand dollars for an announcement? I think there is something nefarious about cashing in on the birth of a new child.  Instead of using the birth of your child as a paycheck, I feel like they should just enjoy the new baby. It is interesting to me that celebrities who often complain about the paparazzi and the intrusion into their private life then turn around and cash in on such sacred events. Hasn’t she learned that letting the world into your private life can have bad circumstances? Does she not remember the very public divorce between her and her ex-husband Nick Lachey.

In other news in Hollywood this week, a few stars have welcomed babies or announced their pregnancies.

James Van Der Beek and his wife Kimberly Brook have announced they are expecting a second child. The new baby will join sibling Olivia who is one.

Tony Romo and wife Candice Crawford are pregnant. Unlike his ex-girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, Tony seems to have no concerns about confirming the impending birth of his first child.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy welcomed a baby girl. This baby, whose name has not been released, is the first baby born to a current French ruler since Napoleon. The couple reportedly will not release any photos of their child. 

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Celebrities Cashing In on Babies

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