Start Planning Now! Five Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a New Parent

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday for many couples. Whether you and your special someone trade expensive gifts and go on a fancy outing or tend to keep it low key, most couples have some sort of tradition to mark the occasion.

New parents often find it a challenge to celebrate Valentine's Day though. Maybe your baby is too young for you to feel comfortable leaving them with a sitter. Or maybe a sitter is way too expensive. If so, you might be looking at an at-home Valentine’s Day this year. If you’ve recently brought a little one into the world and are looking for some at-home ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day with your partner, check out the ideas below!

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Trade Sweet Treats

While the store is full of all kinds of sweet treats, consider taking the money you would have spent on a nice dinner out, and spending it on some splurge-worthy treats to trade with your partner. Truffles from the chocolate shop or chocolate covered strawberries make a fantastic choice!

Trade Evenings Out

While it is important to celebrate Valentine's Day together, there’s nothing more special to a new parent than some alone-time out of the house. This year, consider gifting one another an evening out, 100% free of baby duties (for a couple of hours) on the weekend before or after Valentine’s Day.

Order in and eat by candlelight!

Dinners out at fancy restaurants are fun. They’re less fun though when you’ve brought along a baby who needs constant attention. This year (and maybe for a few years to come) opt out of going out and elect to order your favorite meal in instead. Make sure to set the atmosphere by waiting until your baby is asleep to dine and laying out a nice tablecloth and set of candles. 

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Write a love letter

One of the best ways to let someone know how much you love and appreciate them is to tell them. In the first years of parenthood, when high-quality one-on-one time with your spouse might be sparse, it’s all the more important to make sure your partner knows that they are loved. Take the time to write a special note, filled with memories of the year past and all the things you love about one another, and exchange it with your partner to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Commit to celebrating each other every day!

While Valentine’s Day serves as a nice reminder to keep love at the forefront of our minds, we should really work to express our love every single day. This Valentine’s Day, make a personal plan to show your partner how much you love them every day of the year. Whether that means sending sweet texts, taking out the trash, or bringing home flowers, they’ll be excited to feel so loved and appreciated all year long.

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Start Planning Now! Five Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a New Parent

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