How to Celebrate Mother’s Day Without Going to Brunch

Don't get us wrong, there is plenty to love about brunch. But on a day when it seems everyone and their mother has brunch plans, what are some ways to celebrate Mother’s Day that are NOT brunch-related? Here are 10 ideas from moms we talked to on how they’d like to celebrate Mother’s Day beyond brunching.

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Grab some sandwiches or picnic food and head to the park or a botanic garden.

Do something for nice yourself, by yourself – treat yourself!

Go on a Women’s Retreat.

Have a movie date (it can be by yourself, with friends, with the family, whoever you want!).

Go to a garden nursery, pick out some flowers, and spend the rest of the day planting in your garden.

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Spend the night at a nice hotel for some R&R, wake up, grab breakfast (maybe mimosas!) with friends, then return home for a nice afternoon with the family.

Get outside and go for a group hike or bike ride, or make a weekend of it and go camping (weather permitting).

Try something new: an escape room, fly fishing, run a 10K, or indoor sky-diving!

Have a spa day, complete with massage, facial, and pedicure.

Go to a music festival or concert.

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What are some of your non-brunch ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day? Share in the comments!

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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day Without Going to Brunch

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