Can’t Mom Have 5 Seconds for a Hormonal Cry?

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It's a day for the ugly cry. The “I have no idea why I'm crying, but I am, so just deal with it” cry. The “My kids are growing up too fast, and I'm not enjoying their childhood enough” cry. The “We are out of Diet Coke, and the kids are napping, so I can't run to the store” cry. The “OH EM GEE, Mother Nature, leave me alone! I have so much to do. I don't have time to hole up in my closet and cry” cry. 

Those are lovely days, aren't they? The days when you find yourself with tears streaming down your face because Dora made it to her destination (“We did it! We did it!”). Every other day you wish the explorer would get swallowed by her backpack, but today, you're in awe at her determined spirit. And not only do you feel silly for it, your kids are looking at you all funny, and you feel the sudden urge to sob for Dora and her under-appreciated journey. But you can't. You're trapped. If you make a mad dash for the bathroom like a 13-year-old at a junior high dance, you will inevitably hear the pitter patter of little feet not far behind you and a tiny voice saying, “Mommy, Mommy! Are we going to play in my room?”

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No, precious. Mommy needs to go use an entire box of Kleenex right now. Can you ask again later? 

Or if you feel the overwhelming urge to squish your babies to you and cuddle them for hours? That's the one day they will discover how amazing independence is and want virtually nothing to do with you all day. “Come snuggle with Mommy?” you ask your 3-year-old. “Can't, Mom. I'm busy over here doing everything myself that I used to need your help to do. Hope I haven't just ripped your heart out.”

No, no, not at all. I understand. Don't mind the banshee-like wail I've just let out. It will pass. 

Inevitably, if, on these highly emotional days, you need a little alone time, your littles will want to be stuck to your pant leg like glue, and if you want them close for some cuddle therapy, you can't get them to sit in your lap for all the marshmallows and chocolate milk in the world. COME SIT WITH MOMMY. I JUST WANT TO LOVE YOU. 

And sometimes you're doing OK! You're managing all of these extra feelings just fine and getting things done, and something so silly will tip the scales. The dog tracks mud through the freshly mopped kitchen, and on come the waterworks. Or your toddler picked up all her blocks without asking, and you've been working on “cleaning as we go,” and you're so proud, and … hello, tears. 

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Curse you, Mother Nature. I just wanted to do some laundry and work on the alphabet with my kid today. Was this emotional overload truly necessary? I mean, it's only necessary if I want another baby, and we've already decided– 

OMG, I will never hold a newborn again. Ever. Excuse me, I just need to run to the bathroom real quick …

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Can’t Mom Have 5 Seconds for a Hormonal Cry?

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