Call Me Terrible, But Seeing Celebs Struggle With Pregnancy Makes Me Feel Better

This probably makes me a terrible person and maybe I am, but whenever I see someone, especially if that someone happens to be a celebrity, admit that they don't love being pregnant, it makes me feel just a teensy, tiny bit better. 

Are you horrified at me? I know, it's awful, but here's the thing: I had big dreams and dare I say, plans, to be the type of pregnant woman that was total #goals. Only gain weight in my cute little belly, keep on exercising all the way through, stay totally perky and pregnant without letting it cramp my style. But what I got? *shudder* I was more of the type of pregnant woman that small children and most adults would run from in the store when they saw me ambling my way over. I was huge and grumpy and pukey and could barely roll over in bed without a serious struggle. 

Point being, there was nothing #goals about my pregnancy, other than, of course, that I was able to experience pregnancy and have a baby (no small things, let's be honest). And even though I know I shouldn't, I have to admit that I often look to celebrity mothers as inspiration for how I think my own life could be if I just tried harder. I mean, not any of the acting or singing or performing (#homeofficelifeforever), but definitely the style, the glamour, and the pure ease of which they seem to live their life effortlessly. If only I could work a little harder, I think, I too, could be like them. 

But then one of them gets pregnant. And the truth comes out. Turns out, even celebrities don't always have control over Mother Nature and how she dishes out the pregnancy cards. Some of us have an easy time and sail through; others turn into swollen, miserable shells of our former selves. I think of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, for example, who despite being famous literally for her body, was not spared from the ravages of pregnancy. 

eva longoria pregnant

Eva Longoria joins my list of the latest celebrities who has admitted that she has found pregnancy to be more challenging than she thought it would be. In an interview, she mentioned that she found pregnancy to be both “hard” and “uncomfortable,” two words that definitely come to mind when I think of being pregnant. 

“Everything’s uncomfortable,” she said. “It’s not just your belly – everything gets bigger. I’ve never seen my thighs so big, and my boobs, they’re in the way of everything. It’s hard.”

Amen, Eva, Amen. 

However, because she is a professional and a mother, Eva has turned the hard parts of pregnancy into a way to even further appreciate the gift of motherhood. She also went on to say that pregnancy was an empowering experience for her and that having a son has made her “so happy,” not just for the gift that he is, but for the chance to raise a son in a feminist way that will change the world. And when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense that pregnancy can be an empowering experience, even for celebrities who struggle with the changes it can bring, because it's a true lesson that are bodies aren't just here for decorative purposes: they're made to do pretty amazing things, whether that's running a race, working a full shift, growing a human, cooking dinner, or just relaxing on the couch. 

No matter what type of experience you might have with pregnancy, just know that you are in good company if you find it a little more difficult than you anticipated, because if it can happen to celebrities, with every type of resource at their disposal, it can happen to anyone. 

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Call Me Terrible, But Seeing Celebs Struggle With Pregnancy Makes Me Feel Better

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