Cable TV: Worth the Cost or Waste of Money?

Cable TV: Worth the Cost or Waste of Money? Picture

As we have been looking at ways to cut our costs around the house lately, I’ve been considering making a huge decision: cutting our cable.

It’s not that we watch a lot of television. I generally don’t turn it on until after the kids are in bed, around 8 PM. I have about three channels I love to watch; the rest I rarely do. Our package is bundled with Internet and phone, so we supposedly get a ‘deal’, although it’s hard to think of it as a ‘deal’ when the whopper of a bill arrives in the mail each month. And the last time I called about cutting cable and phone and going to Internet only, the fee was ridiculous because of this supposed ‘deal’ we get when we bundle.

I've called other cable companies in our area. One we had when we first moved here; after the initial year, the bill skyrocketed. The second company I've heard poor comments about from many neighbors, so I don't even want to try them. We've stayed with our current company for quite a few years, and every time we call to downgrade we end up getting something for free for several months, which really shows me how overpriced it is in the first place. And that really makes me feel the urge to cut it out completely.

But then there are those shows I love . . .

I have one main reservation for going to a cable-free home: I have specific shows I enjoy; and while I could watch some through our computer (which is now hooked up to our television for this purpose), not all channels run new episodes through video on the Internet.

At this point, this is really the only reason I haven't canceled. My kids don’t get to watch much television, so they wouldn’t miss it that much, and after quite a bit of research I feel we could get enough to watch if we signed up with or We get movies from Red Box or Blockbuster Express, and with the computer hooked up to our television we can stream full episodes of shows if the networks put them online. When I look at it this way, I realize we are paying a ridiculous fee to watch the few shows we enjoy each night. And if we get rid of cable, I’m guessing after a few weeks’ time I probably won’t miss it at all.

But. (There’s that word!) What if I do?

Do you have cable? Do you feel it’s worth the cost or a waste of money?

What do you think?

Cable TV: Worth the Cost or Waste of Money?

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  1. Ditched the high cost of cable tv and phone. Installed a HDTV Antenna in the attic and got an OOMA box for phone and never looked back. Broadcast HDTV is crystal clear. You will get used to a few channels again. Paid for an I-Phone with the difference.

  2. Profile photo of Tori Tori says:

    We do Netflix and I love it. We have a TV antenna so we can watch local channels, and we wouldn’t consider getting cable. We have a friend that was spending $100+ a month on cable and switched to Netflix and Hulu. Now he only spends $16 a month ($8 for each) and loves it. He says he wouldn’t go back to cable for anything. My family also likes to do Redbox when we feel like renting a movie. It’s only $1+tax a night, and saves us a bundle! My husband and I will probably never get cable as long as sites like Netflix and Hulu are around! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I don’t have cable, but I like to watch my favorite shows on the internet. Sites like Hulu and Netflix can save you money on entertainment. There is hardly anything on those 300+ channels anyway lol

  4. Profile photo of BellaMama629 BellaMama629 says:

    I am thinking about going cable free cause it is causing way to much drama in my house hold I have a 11 week old baby and an 8 year old girl she rather watch her dvd’s then watch cable so I am sincerely thinking about cutting it out too..

  5. Profile photo of Jacquese Jacquese says:

    I have been cable free for years! I just watch whats on Netflix instantly or DVD’s, or online TV ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope my baby watches everything I watched when I was little, the stuff on TV now a days is just ridiculous.

  6. Profile photo of Deb Deb says:

    I have been cable-free and land-line free for 24 hours now. I’m an empty nester, a recent widow – and you know what ? It’s not bad…I like paying just $29.99 for the 25mbps ( promo for 1 year ) per month through Buckeye Cable Vision. I’m finding all kinds of things that need to be done ( and DOING them ) I’ll let you know how well it goes when the new episodes of Downton Abbey come out…

  7. Profile photo of Martha Ellen Martha Ellen says:

    We have been cable TV free for 13 years. We do have phone and internet through the cable company. Most of the movies we watch we borrowed are from the library.

  8. Profile photo of Rachel Rachel says:

    I have just interwebs and netflix and it was actually exposed me to some movies and tv shows that aren’t on anymore. And It’s cheaper. We love it. We watch it when we can and it holds our spot in the show for later.

  9. Profile photo of Gypsy_Momma Gypsy_Momma says:

    We no longer have cable. We decided to get Netflix and Hulu Plus on our PS3, and for both it is only $16 a month. I can say that Hulu does run a lot of the current episodes of some things that I watch, but not all of them. And Netflix doesn’t have much current at all. While there are some shows that I miss from cable, I feel that it is worth having the extra money. Of course this is my opinion only! ๐Ÿ™‚


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