Brooke Burke-Charvet Watches What She Says

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It is no secret that Brooke Burke-Charvet cares about her health and wants to be healthy and strong. Even a recent diagnosis of throat cancer has not stopped her from staying on top of her health and fitness. She is cancer free now and she wants to instill good, healthy habits in her four children, Neriah, 12, Sierra, 10, Rain, 6, and Shaya, 4.

She told PEOPLE, “I always tell other parents to lead by example. My kids know I am always working out and I love to cook. I am always preparing healthy meals. I think it is also about giving them healthy options, which is so, so important. My little ones, especially, grocery shop with me. They're in the kitchen. They love to cook.” One of the ways she does this is watching what she says around her kids. She said recently, “I try to never use words like ‘fat' or ‘diet.' I try to choose my words carefully with my kids. It's just about making good choices, enjoying what we eat, and making delicious flavorful foods that are healthy. I'm just teaching them about being healthy and strong, not about being thin.” 

I really love this idea. I know I am pretty open about my own weight struggles and both my husband and I have called ourselves fat or mentioned a diet around our kids. While I do not know that they really know what we are talking about yet, I certainly do not want them to project my own self-confidence issues onto themselves. I know in my own family we need to start making better choices with our food and activities. I am also going to adopt Burke-Charvet’s method of not mentioning why we are eating healthier only talking about the benefits that good nutritious food has for them.

Do you use negative words like “fat” around your children?

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Brooke Burke-Charvet Watches What She Says

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